Anyone Actually Pregnant After Testing Neg For Over 2 Weeks

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Angie - October 8

I'm 19 days late--four neg. tests. I haven't tested for a week (going to tomorrow) but curious if anyone has had this many negatives and found out they actually were preg?


Shannon - October 9

I am approximately 3 weeks late and have taken two tests in the past four days with negative results, I'm scared that something is wrong with me. I would love to be pregnant since we have tried now for almost a year. I am going to make a docs appointment for next week, it's a little scary to not know. Has anyone said why you might be testing negative?


Tammy - October 10

When I was pregnant with my daughter and son each time I took a test it came up Neg. And I was 7 weeks pregnant. Sometime they say if you take some types of meds. it can make the test be false. I am 7 days late and I rather go see my doctor then buy one of those test. GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!


Daile - October 13

My sister was negative with every hpt she took with her first son, and even had a negative blood test when she was five and a half weeks (I think).


Shannon - October 14

Thank you for the responses, well I was just VERY late. The day I was going to take the blood test my period started. With God's graces I will be pregnant soon.


Angie - October 15

Well, I'm now 26 days late. I'm going to do another HPT tomorrow morning (this will be the 6th one--this is getting expensive!) Based on a 29 day cycle, my next period would come next week. If I don't get a positive or get AF by then, I'm calling my doc. So frustrating to not know what is going on! :0


E - October 15

Why would you wait to contact your doctor for so long? They could have done a blood test and in the same day given you highly accurate results. The blood test is so much more sensitive than a hpt. Do you realize that you have practically pa__sed the critical point for folic acid, if you are not already taking a multivitamin that contains the correct amount?


Angie - October 21

I didn't see my doctor for a blood test because when I called her she told me to just "wait it out" and keep taking HPTs. And yes, I'm taking prenatal vitamins--it's wise to take them while you're trying, not just when you find out you're pregnant just for this reason.


Brittany - October 21

For my first son I took about 4 tests after being a couple weeks late. All 4 came back negative. I waited 3 days, took another test, it was possitive. Now I am 12 weeks pregnant and the same thing happened, only this time I took 6 tests.


E - October 21

Angie, that is horrible that doctors can be so cheap. A simple pregnancy test is not much to ask for. Let us know what the results of the blood test are if they ever feel you need it.


Veronica - October 23

All my test came back negative for 3 months and im 18 weeks pregnant.....wierd but unexplanable


to Veronica - October 25

then how you know you are pregnant?


MissChappy - October 26

I am on my 41st day of no period..I am usually on a 31 day cycle....and I just took a test last night (my 2nd one in 3 weeks) and it was negative :S I have an appt with my GP tomorrow...I feel preggo...I can't smoke anymore cuz it makes me sick..have felt very "crampy" as well....hope all goes well with u!


Trace - October 27

I am approximately 2 weeks late and have taken 2 hpt, both were negative. I have been dizzy, tired, and very hungry. I am going to call my doctor, this is so fustrating


kristina - October 28

i am 1week & 3 days late on a 28 day cycle. I ahve been having mild cramping on and off for a week. I never had Hartburn a day in my life until last week, since then i only had it one other time. I have taken 3 hpt all neg. 1 blood test when i was 5 days late also neg? Can i still be pregnant. I have been bloated and burbing like a champ. has anyone felt like this?


Tasha - November 2

what a nice freaking thing to those who are worried!!!!!!!!!! That was so not cool at all, there are many reasons why you can miss a period, you hear me MANY! ok You do not know anyones situation all you know is what they tell you! So dont go judging people and scaring everyone. Think before you open your big mouth! My prayers go out to all of you!


ADS - November 2

Thanks Tasha...I agree...I am worried and didn't need to read that on this site....I am 9 days late and have an appt with my Dr. on Thursday...worried because if I am not preg what is going on???? Took MANY HPT and ALL neg. Feeling weird and crampy...guess I will have to wait and see.



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