Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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Brightmoon - January 4

Crazy, yeah, i have thought that also. However, in my situation, I really do not want to be. This is not the time for another one nor is it really medically safe for me. So I am not dreaming up a pseudo pregnancy. However, still feeling movement and b___sts still tingling, still nauseated etc. So, you tell me.


crazy - January 5

well brightmoon, in your case it's different...i still feel like i am pregnant...because yesterday all of sudden i feel like throwing up and it just keep happening.....and my b___st are so sore if something hurts...i just took two preg test and was neg.....stupid body...i guess after all we don't know our bodys...


anon - January 5

Brightmoon I am just like you. Still feeling movement. Stomach is stil big and still feel hard spots like I am feeling feet or legs . Mostly in my lower abdomen. Breast are still large and leaking. I try to explain to the doctors and they are not giving me any answers.


kecia - January 6

well ladies to update me.....i went to the doctor yesterday got my tests result back and i am still puzzled. all my tests came back negative, but i have extremely high levels of estrogen that is only found in pregnant women, but my tests have came back neg....makes you wanna say mmmmm. nausea is still there, b___sts are still huge and veiny and sore especially about the nipple. stomach still huge. he's reason for this is because my brain is getting mixed signals which is making estrogen levels high for me which he says is normal. i don't know anymore what is considered to be normal for me because the doctor's seem to think everything is normal for me. from my lactating b___sts, to the nausea to everything. i am so tired of it girls. he is saying because i am overweight that is contributing to my irregular periods, my estrogen levels being extremely high. well doctor what about the movement in my stomach that i can feel or the kick i felt? no answer. i have always been a big woman, but this just came about in the last 5 months. i was fine until august do you hear me doctor? everything was fine until my period, no b___st problems, no nothing until august. can you explain the movement doctor? because of your weight. no i have always been overweight, but healthy. no high blood pleasure, no diabetes, no nothing. what the h%%ll is wrong with me. please someone tell me.


anon - January 7

I know what you mean kecia. I was told I had enlarged uterus. I know that it has enlarged in stomach because I can feel hard spots. Well they say that and do not give me any explanation.They tell me my cervix is closed, but they do no why. They tell me things that should not be happening, but yet no explanation of why it is happening. My b___st are veiny(blue) and lactating. They say my prolactin level is 4.8 impossible. I am lactating and have the little white bumps the milk is coming from. These doctors get on my nerves. They suck.


Elle - January 9

can someone plz help me, im only 18 and need desparate help. I had s_x on the 14th and 15 of september and came on my period a week later so i thought everything was fine and i wasnt pregnant. That period was normal. I have been getting my periods every month since then but some of them have been normal but some have been very light and short, in december i even had 2 periods which kind of freaked me out. If i was pregnant i think i would be about 17 weeks by now and i keep thinking that i feel little movements in my stomach but im not sure if i am just imagining it. I have been pregnant before and on my first pregnancy i didnt feel movement untill i was about 20 weeks but i have heard people say that after your first pregnancy its easier to feel. I have took 4 HPT's and all of them were negative and with my first pregnancy which i had a termination i didnt find out i was pregnant untill i was 15 weeks and that test came up with a very dark line. I sometimes also feel pains through my stomach but they are really unbearable and im worried that people start to notice. Can someone plz help :( thanx elle


Sunny - January 15

Please can someone help! I think I am pregnant but had a period last month. Since my last period i am experiencing sore nipples, feeling very poorly, bloated abdomen and slight cramping in the lower abdomen, nausea but have not been sick. irraatable and feel sleepy all the time. Sometimes my hunger can be so bad that my stomach cramps. Pregnancy test has come out neg twice. I am due for a period next weekend. It is possible that i am pregnant??? please someone reply! Thankyou...


Mary - January 23

I am 19 years old and I have neevr had a missed or weird period in my life. Within the last month I started having pains in my abdomen and feeling sick in the morning. I am eating weird and I have to use the bathroom many times more than usual. I took two pregnancy tests the 1st of which came up with nothing which I concluded was because of too little urine on it, but the second one came up negative. My boyfriend wants to just let it be, but I am still feelings "weird" and I have been experiencing slight spotting that is very dark in color and slimy like. I really think I am pregnant, but I dont know what I should


s_xymom - January 24

I am 23 years old.I have never been on any type of bc. I was in a relationship for 4 years and we always used condoms. I got out of that relationship and began another only in this one we never used condoms. i thought i was pregnant after the second time we had s_x but my period came. i haven taken several tests since then but all negative this was between april and may. in july i noticed a pudge at the botttom of my belly. i usually do crunches but when i tried i did 15 and my stomach was extremely august my stomach was just out there. i have been tested for cycts and tumors none are there. my face has swollen and my toes. when I walk a distance i get backaches and leg cramps. and sometimes when i sleep i get leg cramps.for xmas i had an all in one on, i had to take it off because i could not breathe. doctors keep telling me that I am not preg but nurses have said that the object in my tummy feels exactly like a baby and one nurse even felt it move. i just pray everyday that it is my baby and bcuz i have not seen a doctor i hope that its healthy and me too. I think God knows better than any doctor and i know my self better than any doctor


kecia - January 26

well ladies....i haven't been on here in a while and i see things haven't changed for anyone. the only advice i can give is look on the topic "ultrasound negative". it is very interesting. similiar to us except that they went as far as to have u/s as well that came out negative. doctors can't explain to them why their tummies are like they are or what. but one surprising story is xpinkx on there. same thing tests some came out negative and ultrasound showed nothing. she went through this for 6 months and guess what she had a u/s again and yep she was pregnant, but the baby was hiding.....interesting huh? i thought so. they first time she had it done they didn't see anything no baby, no sac, no nothing...and then she went back because she said something is wrong. she was feeling movement and everything. doctors dismissed it as something to do with her bowels or her just getting fat, but she went back and something is wrong and i guess it was "Hello i am in here". she went through this for 6 months. if i was her i would go back to those same doctors and show them and tell them i guess my bowels can produce babies as well :). i was happy for her because now she can relax now and not be stressed out and that she showed them that she is not crazy after all. she was very inspiring to the girls on that forum. as for me, i had more tests. checking to see if my gallbladder is functioning correctly. I had to have a test yesterday called a HIDA scan where they inject something to make my gallbladder to react but it didn't do anything. it didn't even show up on the scan i was there all day long. i was admitted to the hospital for this test and nothing. i not in any pain at all that is what i am trying to explain to them i have no pain at all. the only time i had any pain was one night. i had a bad abdominal pain that actually woke me up out of my sleep and i could get comfortable at all and this pain lasted for about 2 hours, but i was so sick for about 2 days and i hard spots and they hurt when i touched them. i don't know what that was about. but i am not going to anymore doctors because i am just tired of hearing the same answers all the time. its weight, its your gallbladder, its stress. i just wanted someone for once to read something inspiring from someone who experienced it and then some and had a good outcome. so don't give up ladies there always darkness before the light. be encouraged ladies. Much love


s_xymom - January 31

Well ladies I go in for an ultrasound on Thursday. Pray for me and hope for the best. God Bless You All. I will let everyone know what happens either way.


heather - February 1

s_xymom, I am going through the same exact things as you have had all the tests you have had all negative, so frustrating isn't it, also I had an ultrasound which they did a v____al instead of regular and I have a tipped uterus, so go figure they saw nothing I am done with doctors will hope for the best and hope my baby is healthy.


to s_xymom - February 9

I am in the same situation as you..please let me know what is going on with you.


Heather - February 10

S_xymom, I will right now I am waiting to see what af brings on the 16th, I am getting more movement and bigger belly, as of today if I am PG I am 4 months, will let you know what happens. Good luck, Baby Dust.


Heather - February 16

S_xymom, just wondering how you are doing i am crampy now is time for AF, wonder how much I will bleed this month, let me know if anything changes for you.


STEPHANIE - February 23




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