Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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STEPHANIE - February 23



s_xymom - February 24

well everyone that ultrasound was cancelled and I have to wait for another but i think that i am close to delivery because i am having a slimy discharge. The other I went to my gyn and they said that my bp was high and my pulse was extremely high and I had to do an ekg. So when i get my ultrasound i will post. So keep praying for me and my miracle child, manly that its healthy girl or boy.


Bridjett - February 26

I'm 26 and I have a 7 and 9 year old. It seems like ages ago that I was pregnant. Now I'm wondering if I am. My new husband has low motility. When he and his ex wife tried to get pregnant they finally succeded with ivf but she soon miscarried. As for me I haven't had a period since October. I've take 4 pg test and they were all negative. I had a lot of nausea about the middle of Dec but it went away. I have put on about 15 lbs and my b___sts are tender. I called to schedule a drs appt on March 13th. Yesterday I notice a fluttering feeling. Like when I was pregnant with my other two. Only it was right below my rib cage on the right hand side. Do you think I might possible be pregnant? I'm terrified it could be ectopic but I can't find much information about ectopic pregnancies other than they can be fatal. Any ideas?


Heather - February 27

Bridgett, I dont think it is etopic, because you would be too far along, I am having the same issues last reg period in October, all PG symtoms swollen b___sts,swollen tummy, lots of movements, so frustrating.


Amanda - March 2

Yes, I had a slight period for 2 months after getting pregnant for my now 5 year old daughter. I had to have blood drwn to determine the pregnancy.


fariesndragons - March 5

i have had similar symptoms to you all and i was wondering the same tings can u still have a peroid and possibly be pregnant? i have all the symptomsofbeing pregnant the loos of eating,b___st tendernessnad things like that but my test to came out neg and a book i read says u can be pregnant and still take a tes and have it come out neg when u relaly are oreg hope that makes sense.can anyone help me?


confused - March 8

i had my menses last mth, a short one. i'm having my menses now, an even shorter one. i took 2 HPTs which both turned out neg. but i feel nausea, giddy, bloated, headaches, tired. is it possible that I'm pregnant? or is it some other illness with the same symptoms? HELP!!!!


nikki - March 9

i have an implant in my arm however i started to get sickness morning and teatime for two weeks so decided to do a test. and 3 tests wer positive. however i done another two more expensive tests which said negative, my tummy is really swollen and i look at least 5 month pregnant i often feel flutters in my tummy but put it down to wind i have not put weight on any were else except my b___sts, i have been to the doctor who said it is very unlikely with having the implant, but the last couple of weeks my tummy has got bigger and i look pregnant and feel pregnant


virginia - March 10

i know the feeling.haveing sym.and was 3 days late.when i took the test nothing showed up until a few hrs. later and it said pos. but later that nite i got my periods and took another and a few hrs later it was me .


tanisha - March 12

I was 3 months pregnant , Id already taken 3 pregnancy test and I was unsure because i had my period for the first month and 2 of the test were negative . I wasnt sure I was pregnant until the 4yh test and the ultra sound , meanwhile i had a healthy growung baby.


s_xymom - March 15

well hopefully pretty soon I will be able to post some miraculous news as i am getting close to my estimated due date. everyone pray for me and hopefully i can post some great news.


cat - March 17

there maybe,I had a test and it turned out negative 2 days L8R I went to the hospital for pain and found out Iwas pregnant


bjs_mama03 - March 17

I have read everyone Story's and I am wondering did anyone end up being Pregnant? I have been battleing ince Jan. and took tests then and neg. Back on Dec 16th I had my IUD removed and a D&C done as well. I read that your hormone levels will take a couple of months to level out back to normal from it. I have felt pregnant since Jan and my periods have been word my last one on Feb 24 only lasted a day. I went to the Gyn today and they did a test and it showed a faint positive so they did a blood test to make sure. I would love to be pregnant. I had my son in 2003 and the signs are there. Nausea, b___st hurt, bumps aroung the nipples, acne, stretching pains on the side of my stomach, frequent urining, Stomach itches a lot too, crave ice cream, Heartburn. From my calcualtions I would be between 8-10 weeks if I am pregnant. I just have to wait until Monday for the results of my blood tests.


Just Me - March 29

hi everyone...i have a question...well...back in early december, i had unprotected s_x. i got my period twice after that, but the first time i got it, it was lighter and shorter than usual. the second time i got it was more like usual. But now, my lower abdomen seems to have grown and my pants are getting very tight! I've done many home pregnancy tests, about 10, hehe, and all were negative. But the last time i took one was about a month you think i could be pregnant? i am very can actually see that my pelvic area is getting larger when ia m wearing pants that used to fit me....HELP please...any comments would be useful :) thanks...


NOTSURE - March 29

Hi, I was due for AF on 26th March but it came on 24th, bleeding for 2 days not so heavy but red and then light pink brownish for 3 days usually I have much longer heavier flows. I was also monitoring ferning patterns and experienced ferning right a week before AF due and now even during AF. I always just got spots for AF but small ferns day before AF. Preg symptoms before AF and fainted on 26th really dizzy and nauseous. Today HPT neg. and symptoms have lessoned. I felt I was preg and I have strange sensation about my uterus like somethings there although I know it is too early. I gave up hope this morning and not sure reading all the other posts whether to retest in a couple of weeks!


What could be wrong - March 30

Well, I see there are others in the same boat as me... here is my story... in Dec, I noticed my feet & ankles were retaining fluid... it went away after a week so I thought everything was ok... then in Jan, I started retaining fluid again... it was worse in my right foot and ankle... I went to the doc... said it was my salt intake and gave me some water pills... then in Feb, no period... it was coming every 28 days and lasted 6 days until Feb... I thought maybe I was stressed so I wasn't worried about 1 month.. now in Mar, still no period... I took a hpt in Feb, it was negative... I took a hpt 2 weeks ago it was negative... I went to the doc this past Monday and got a blood test but it was also negative... I'm very bloated and my b___sts are very sensitive (they have never been this sensitive) for about 5 days. Now I'm wondering what is the problem... if I'm not pregnant.



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