Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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What could be wrong - March 30

Well, I see there are others in the same boat as me... here is my story... in Dec, I noticed my feet & ankles were retaining fluid... it went away after a week so I thought everything was ok... then in Jan, I started retaining fluid again... it was worse in my right foot and ankle... I went to the doc... said it was my salt intake and gave me some water pills... then in Feb, no period... it was coming every 28 days and lasted 6 days until Feb... I thought maybe I was stressed so I wasn't worried about 1 month.. now in Mar, still no period... I took a hpt in Feb, it was negative... I took a hpt 2 weeks ago it was negative... I went to the doc this past Monday and got a blood test but it was also negative... I'm very bloated and my b___sts are very sensitive (they have never been this sensitive) for about 5 days. Now I'm wondering what is the problem... if I'm not pregnant.


anndru - March 30

I gave birth to my son Nov 14 and his due date was Dec 2 when did I conceive?


Meagen - March 30

Hello I have a similar delimma!! Ok...I was started on a prenatal vitamin a couple weeks ago just in case...well the day I started taking them I started having a pink discharge a couple times a day...I was also like 3-5 days late this month...I took a test before my period and after my period and they both said negative....then after my period ended (which it was normal) I have still had the pink discharge a couple times in the last week or so....I called my doctor and told her what was going on and she said that it couldn't be the vitamins and to see if I was late this month....but that I could still be pregnant!!!! I really haven't had any other signs of being pregnant except my husband said I have been really moody and despite a diet and exercise I haven;t lost a single pound!!! My sister in law says I could be but has anyone else heard of this??? Someone please help!!! I would love to be pregnant but don't want to get my hopes up!!!! Please help!!!!


Mrs A.D - March 30

this is really interesting.. my last period was on 20th jan... tried to many pt and urine test and came out negative... went to gynae and the doctor said just because im fat i missed my period.. now i need advise wats really going on..


KECIA - March 30 seems that you concieved on or about february 22,4004


kecia - March 30

i meant to say february 22, 2004.


joannap - March 30

hi guys i have had 2 negative pregnancy tests (HPT) they are not as reliable as they say they are! If you need to know for sure PLEASE arrange an appointment with your local GP and arrange to have a blood test done. This worked for me and gave me a 100% result. Also "Good Luck" to anyone who is trying. Do not give up. I tried for seven months and my prays to God gave me hope and made me feel like i shouldn't give up!! May God bless you all!!


jakevab - March 31

Yes,i'm in a similar situation. I found out that I was pregnant in Jan. then in march I bled heavily I went to the doctor they drew my blood to see if i stil had pregnancy hormones but the question is why have'nt i came on my period for march


abigail - April 25

hi, can anyone help me, has anyone had periods but still been pregnant? i have got some weird symptoms, including bad pmt for two months, my b___sts have grown huge, tightness in tummy, short of breath, faint and dizzy, tired all time, bad headaches, no fertile mucus but milky instead, and bad lower bak pain, please could you tell me what could be wrong with me? thanks so much


Shannone - April 26



karina - April 26

See our link "Negative tests and botched ultrasound but feeling kicks"


jasminw - December 4

hi everyone im in the same boat as everyone else.. im so confused and not sure what to do. i have endometriosis and i think im pregnant. i have so many symptoms but b/c of the disease im second guessing myself. my b___sts are very tender im begining to get heart burn and acid reflux i have veins that are more apparent in my b___bs and i pee more etc... my tests say negative but i feel different. my periods are like clockwork every mon. and they last 7 days. but last mon. it was 10 days late and i spotted the 1 and 5 day and i never spot and it only lasted 5 days. any advice ?? and can blood work be wrong?


Irish7 - August 8

Help!! my last period was June 12-16. I have had no cramps and usually get my period around the begining of the month. July has come and period. I have no symptons of being pregnant other than my tummy feels a little different. I have taken HPT and blood test, all came back negative. I saw my Dr. on Monday and she said to wait 2-4 weeks and if still no period then to get an ultrasound. The other night after intercourse with my fiance I felt like I had really bad menstrual cramps..lasted about 15min. I was relieved b/c those cramps usually mean its coming.. My period never came. Then last night the same thing happened again but bad enough that we went to the ER. They did a pelvic exam and saw a tiny amount of blood but my urine test came back negative. Am I pregnant? I am worried because I am a smoker and have been out drinking recently...any advice or similar situations?


bell07 - August 8

hello should start your own post as this one is old and very very long :)..............but i will answer your question though...................i think you should go and do another blood a few weeks time...............thats if af doesnt show .you should try and stop smoking and drinking in the mean time.............i know very hard to do but what if you are pregnent and it affects the baby that would be something you would have to live withthat but i know of plenty of people that have while pregnent and there baby has been fine ..............take care and keep in touch and let us know how your going with it all


Irish7 - August 8

I just started another post regarding my question. I hope someone has experienced what I am going through, so that I know I am not I have stopped smoking as of today and am axiously awaiting my Dr. appt on Friday. Its not for an ultrasound but a follow up from my ER visit.


Erika - August 18

I've had my period already and i took 3 pregnancy they all came out negative. I've been having pregnancy symptoms I never felt like this before. Can I still be pregnant even though i had my period and the tests came back negative? and When will i be able to know if im pregnant for Sure?



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