Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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Mena - June 15

I would like to know if anyone has anything updated on this topic... I havent had a normal period since march 27(and even that one was light and short), and I really feel pregnant. I have had some spotting around the time my period should come, but it only lasts for about 2 days or so, and my b___sts seem to tingle sometimes. I did feel pretty nauseas for a few weeks, but that seems to have pa__sed now. (I only actually threw up once, when I took my brother through the drive thru at wendys, and I smelled all that food. I had drank a little the night before, but I have NEVER thrown up from drinking, not even when I have had way too much, and never had a hangover before that made me even feel slightly nauseous). I seem to be outgrowing my pants, and I have gained almost 10 pounds, but I can still fit into all my clothes, I just have trouble b___toning my pants. I am actually starting to look kinda chubby, but just around my waist.(I have never looked chubby, I normally only weigh 115, and Im up to 123 now, which isnt a whole lot, but I dont gain weight regardless of what I eat.) I have had very vivid dreams, like I did when I got pregnant with my son, and before I really started considering being pregnant, I dreamed I was having twins. As dumb as this sounds, I have had lots of dreams come true, I even dreamed about my little boy and an older little girl before I knew I was pregnant with him... about 8 months later, he was born, and he looked exactly like he did in my dream, and the messed up part was the little girl had a big resemblence to my fiances neice,and I had never even met her at the time. Yesterday and today, my feet started swelling at work (Sometimes I do a lot of standing), and I actually had to prop them up for about 20 minutes or so and last night I woke up at about 4 am and my legs were asleep. I have had a few faint positives and a few negatives on HPT, so I am not sure which ones to beleive. The last one I took has been almost 3 weeks ago, and I decided that I am not wasting anymore money on them and that day I made an appointment with my doctor. It is on the 20th of this month, so this coming Monday. Sometimes I have some very mild cramps in my lower abdomen, and sometimes, I swear i feel like something is moving, but if I get really still to try to feel it, it quits. Im sure that could be chalked up to gas, but to be honest, I dont feel like I normally do when I have gas. I also have a whole more cm than before. Sorry if thats a lot, Im just trying to get everything out that I can think of to see if anyone can help me. Even if no one posts a reply, I am still going to post what happens at the doctor so that ladies can use this for reference if they have any of the same symptoms.


Shaundra - July 19

WOW! Been wondering some of the same things... had pregnancy symptons but the past 2 times i tested both tested negative... still having periods although june's was very mild.. pretty much no cramps at all...for this month cramped for abt 2 hours the 1st day and then nothing and then cramped for less than 5 min on the last day and then felt nothing...have felt movement in my lower abdomen also and wondered if it was gas???... but it wasn't the same as gas/indigestion, etc.... ***if it helps anyone, i have a cousin who was pregnant and didn't know until she was 3 months. she had her period all 3 months and experienced no real signs of pregnancy - *****


Anon - August 14

I had unprotected s_x and am waiting the results of a pregnancy test from the doctors, however I have just come on my period two days late. Does this mean I am not pregnant?


please - September 23

i want to know if this happened to anyone bofore and if the results came out that they were in fact pregnant


Jo - September 24

I also have symptoms of pregnancy but have had three negative tests. My body has all the signs of pregnancy but I had a period. My period was late and lighter than normal. I am concerned that it might be a phantom pregnancy as I recently suffered a miscarrige and want another baby. Has anyone had negative tests and been pregnant or know about phantom pregnancies?


Debbie - October 1

yes you can have neg test.this is what just happend with me. i did a test yesturday. moring send loo run lol it was neg. i later did one around 5pm it was posative but a fine line. then me wanting to do another i did at 11.30pm it was neg. if you wee on it to long it will fade and you get a neg if you wee for 3 seconds you should get a posative. i was in to much of a hurry. yes i am pregnant with 1 pos and 3 neg lol. so its possible and i am 45


kitty - October 6

I thought i was pregnant & tests & ultrasound were negative- then sometime later i saw a surgeon about something else & he asked if he could help with anything; I complained about bloating ...he said I had a bowel condition which made it look as if I was pregnant & is common in now i don't feel so stupid thinking ..albeit wishfully that i might be pregnant!


Debbie - October 7

i am a mother of 6 children, well im not going to beat around the bush but i think i have lost it but still no period. i dont have any pregnancy sihns never have.


Tiff - October 7

Hi Kitty, do you know the name of the bowel condidion? becasue I think I may have it, i'm getting stretch marks and have a center line and i only had one test faintly preg and the rest including blood were neg, id like to do some research on the bowel condition, thanks


Shawna - October 7

Kitty, is your bowel condition IBS? If so, I have it as well and it does cause bloating, cramping, constipation, diahrea etc. There really isn't any treatment for it, you just have to live with it!


kitty - October 15

hi shawna, nope, surgeon didn't say it was IBS, I have that anyway- i had impression this is something different, he said it was genetic & usually occurs in the womb...


Bridget - October 22

Hey everyone...I'm going through the same stuff as all of you, I was certain at one point that I was pregnant, then I got my period and a few negative tests back, but to this day I still have almost every symptom and I still think that I very well may be pregnant. If you cant get a straight and certain answer from taking pregnancy tests, what else can I do?


Brightmoon - October 23

Hello. I am having pregnancy symptoms also. I have two children (7 and 16 months) and had one miscarriage in between them (May 2002). I too have IBS. However, I have been feeling flutters which seem different than gas bubbles and have been nausiated and very sensitive to smells. My stomach is getting bigger and I was late with my period this month. Though it did come, it was different than usual. I took a test last month and it was negative. I have been "feeling" pregnant for almost two months now. With my son (7) I took a test at 6 weeks and it was negative. However, the one I took at 7 weeks was positive. But with my daughter (16 months), I took a blood test at doctors office at about 1 1/2 weeks and it was negative but a HPT at 2 weeks was positvie. So I guess my HCG levels were higher than her. And I was EXTREMELY nauseous with her. So now, I guess another test is in order. How did anyone else make out?


siobhan - October 23

hi guysreading all the comments on this topic made me want to tell you about a website called loads of info on some of the topics you have raised check it out. And i thought i would add that HPT are 99.9% accurate if come out positive, but only 50% accur\ate if the result is negative.


Brightmoon - October 23

Thank you Siobhan. I will check out the web site. And thank you for the information about the HPT only being 50% accurate if it is negative!! I was not aware of that.


Kasey - October 23

I took a pregnancy test friday morning and i had a faint positive. Then i started my period a couple hours after that. Is there anyway I could be pregnant? me and my fiance have been trying to have a baby for the past two months so far. Could I be pregnant? My period feels all weird right now it jus doensn't feel right to me.



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