Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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Erika - August 18

I've had my period already and i took 3 pregnancy they all came out negative. I've been having pregnancy symptoms I never felt like this before. Can I still be pregnant even though i had my period and the tests came back negative? and When will i be able to know if im pregnant for Sure?


TiffSmith06 - October 25

Hi all!! I'm so happy that i found this thread. I am experiencing the same last period started on sept 16th. I have taken 2 hpt and both were negative..I have been having frequent urination, bloating, mood swings and slight nausousness. I have felt like i was goin to get my period for 2 weeks but still didnt come. Then this morning i started very light spotting but w/ none of my usual painful cramping. Is it possible that i could be pregnant. I haven't been before and i'm 24 but my "period" doesn't feel like normal..any input would be greatlly appreciated..Thank you


Interested - December 1

ok, I have an IUD in place, but I think I am pregnant. I just have that feeling, I have two children so I know what it feels like. tender b___sts, headaches, and light headedness. I took a homesure pregnancy test from the dallor store. Negative. But I figured that blood must have a more consintrated levels of hcg. So I poked my finger and was able to get enough blood to make the test work. I got a faint line and the controled line. Do you think this is right or that the blood brought out the p/g line? I just need some other peoples opinions. Thanks


TiffSmith06 - December 1

I am experiencing the same thing. I haven't had my normal period since sept 16. I have spotted 2 days each month for the last 2 months. I have taken home pregnancy tests all negative and a urine test at the doctors also negative. I went in for a blood test on friday and i am currently awaiting results. definitely go to your doctor. it's possible you are pregnant. good luck..


okcowgirl - January 17

HI. I had a weird period last month and my b___st have been extremely sore. I went to the doc. Tuesday and the nurse said I might be pregnant. The doc. said it could be a possibility. She took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. She scheduled an pelvic ultrasound for next Tuesday, for some soreness I was having. I still am having doubts and want to know why I'm having symptoms of pregnancy.


glo_salazar1980 - January 23

Yes you can have your period, and have a negitive pregnancy test and still be pregnant, it's very rare but very possible...This happened to me with all 3 of my children, by time they listened to me and took me seriousily about my pregnanicy symptoms I was already 4 1/2 months


Brightmoon008 - January 27

LOL, ok now i feel really foolish. I was reading through this and realized I was already a member on this site! lol. I just rejoined, HAHA. Anyway, Had 2 inconclusive blood tests. one the 17th and one the 20th. Then on the 23rd a less than 5 quantative. I have all preg signs, tingly bbs, sore puffy lower abdomin, pants not fitting right, headaches, nausea, vomited 2 times, cravings, increased smell sensitivity, itchy skin, extremely tired, back ache, brain fog, lol. etc..If youread on my history, I had neg hpt wiht my son till I was 7 weeks and neg blood with my daughter till 3 I believe it was.( I had wrote 2 but that was not at the calculation they do) But I would be over 4 weeks now. Any ideas? Why would the test be inconclusive if i wasn't? The nurse even said obviousy too much HCG to say I am not preg. HELP


Diana - January 30

I hope this post is still active enough to get some advice! I've been doing a lot of research on the internet, but I still can't make heads or tails of what's going on with my body. Here's my story: I was on Yaz (bc pill) for about 2 months, during which I skipped my period (purposely). On the second month, my mom (who was also taking Yaz) was diagnosed with pulminary embrosis (sp?) -- blood clots in her lungs -- and was told that taking Yaz had put her at a higher risk for them. So she was taken off and begged me to get off as well, so I did. I stopped taking the pill during the middle of the pack, and the very next day started bleeding. I bled for almost 2 weeks, but the last week or so was very light, almost spotting. I had unprotected s_x the next two weekends, and after charting my ovulation cycle, I had s_x while (supposed to be) ovulating. IF I ovulated... I don't even know because of coming off the bcp. My period came 3 days late, on this past Monday, and was heavier than its ever been the first day, but has since trickled off. Now I know that coming off hormones will put your body out of whack for a few months, but for the past few days I've been having crazy symptoms -- nausea, lightheadedness/dizzyness, extreme fatigue, sore b___sts, headaches, and burping a lot. I know these aren't pms symptoms because I've never had them before. I took a hpt the day before my period was due, and it was negative (although I took it late in the evening after having already gone pee before making the trip to buy it). I still have the other test that came in the box and I'm thinking I should test again soon.... what do you ladies think? IF I were pregnant, I would be almost 3 weeks at the latest.... is it still too early for all of this (symptoms)? Any help would be greatly appreciated! =)


MelissaDawn - January 30

Diana, at least you had a period. I came off Yaz mid-December and had my period a few days later. I too, quit mid-pack because my blood pressure was too high. All birth control pills have been doing this. I had unprotected s_x right when I should have been ovulating if I calculated it correctly. I haven't had a period this month yet. I had to go to my gyno today for a check up because my pap I had at the beginning of the month was abnormal (it's a hereditary thing, nothing serious). My doctor stuck me on Prometrium after I told him how I was two weeks late today exactly. I told him how I was experiencing all kinds of pregnancy symptoms, but he just brushed them aside. Told me my hormones were all out of whack. However, he also said it could just be too soon to tell because they did give me a pregnancy test where I peed in the cup and they tested that. I told them it was going to turn out negative because I took one this morning, and I was right. Anywho, in 20 days, if I haven't started my period, I guess they will have to listen to me when I say "hey, I think I'm pregnant".


tigerlilly27 - March 25

I'm in the same boat! I feel like I am preggo....queasy at any time of day, pee every 10 min, headaches, tired alot, nipple tenderness, some abdominal cramping, and food issues. Had 3 neg hpt & 1 neg blood test. Had what I thought may be implantation bleeding, brown then some light pink, and one somewhat normal period. Plan on calling OB/GYN this week. Any ideas?


joannaG89 - April 3

I haven't had my period since jan 15 and i've been to the Doctor's and they sent me for blood and it came out negative and 've been getting all the signs of being pregnant my b___bs are very swallon and ive gaind 10 pounds and i dont gain weight easy and the doctor i went to told me to wait another month to go back and see him and i dont know if i should go see another doctor.


clairelouxx - January 11

Hi, I had a miscarriage at the end of october i was only 6 weeks and was devastated. So we have been trying for another baby now after 3 months i feel i might be pregnant im getting most of the symptoms dizziness, nauseau, fluttering and cramping in my abdomen , a sticky milky fluid discharge and my b___sts around the sides are very sore and it has a clear vein going through the right nipple towards the top of the b___st. I also just feel like i am after how i felt before. Id only be about 3 weeks if i am do u guys think i am n wen dya think is the best time to do a test thanks and keep in touch.


clairelouxx - January 11

Oh and i forgot to mention i also have a frothy urine which wen ive looked online means theres protein in it does anyone else no more about this symptom thanks


karmenj - January 17

I think I am pregnant because I have the sypmtoms: nausea, vomiting, abdominal swelling, back discomfort, but I have has 4 pt, one in the doctor's office, and they are all neg. I feel like I’m losing it because I know my body and there is a change. I had a heavy period in Dec, but it was 10 day late. I’m not sure what to do. I go for a blood test in 2 days.


Confused... - March 14

Well, here's my story...I haven't had my periods since Jan.6/09..Which means that i've now missed 2 Mens. cycles. I've done like 6 HPT in the past 2 months, that all came out Neg..and had 1 blood test done at my doctor, 2 weeks ago, that also came out Neg...I've never missed periods before and i'm not stressed nor have I changed my diet or exercise either (i'm not on the pill either)...So why did I skip cycles?? Because i've read so many of these similar stories, I'm gonna try to get an ultrasound done to confirm if I am pregnant or not..By now, I'd be like 9.5 weeks along, so the ultrasound would have to show something at this point!! My doctor said that it was impossible to be pregnant and still have negative results...He made me feel like I was crazy!! I know something is different!! I know my body very well and missing 2 periods is not normal for me...I'll keep you all posted on the results, if I can get any!!! Lol...


mjoseph161 - April 1

I am kind of in the same situation. I have not had a cycle since Dec 2008. I am approaching (tomorrow) the third missed period. I had unprotected s_x throughout this time, most recently at the beginning of March. About 10 days I had some cramping and thought it was the start of my period although it was MUCH MUCH MUCH lighter in terms of intensity compared to my period cramps. About two or three days later it stopped. I never bleed or anything. About a week after that it started back up and it very spuratic. I get horrible migranes, random hot flashes, been dizzy a handful of times, along with being queasy-have thrown up twice, sensitive to smells, tired all the time. I have done tests since the begining of my lmp and all say negative. I'm not sure what else to do. I usually know about a week before my period is going to start and I just know its not going too. I was recently laid off and don't have insurance and no one will see me until I have a positive test result. I am just concerned that something is wrong with me and I don't know what. Why must this be so confusing!?! lol



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