Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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Kasey - October 23

I took a pregnancy test friday morning and i had a faint positive. Then i started my period a couple hours after that. Is there anyway I could be pregnant? me and my fiance have been trying to have a baby for the past two months so far. Could I be pregnant? My period feels all weird right now it jus doensn't feel right to me.


Brightmoon - October 24

Yes Kasey, you could be pregnant. I would take another test either HPT or a blood test at the doctors. My HPT with my son did not come out positive till I was 7 weeks and I had a "weird" period. But with my daughter it was positive at 2 weeks and I didn't get my period. It depends on your HCG level. Get it checked. GOOD LUCK!!!!


Tinkerbell - October 25

Hi everyone, i am so glad i found this thread b/c i have been wondering all about these issues myself (minus the the digestive disorders). My husband and I have been ttc for the past 3 months. The first month was odd, AF came early, was very light, i didnt even need pain meds until about 12 hrs later when the flow and cramping picked up (i suspect it may have been a very early miscarriage) 2nd month, i had a regular period. BUT, this month I was 3 days late and began having very unusual symptoms starting about a week and a half ago. I was almost sure I was pregnant this time (no pms, no cramping, b___sts were lightly tender and felt huge, sensitive smell, unusual tightness in my lower abdomen, not the usual bloating i get, fatigue, and my areolas seemed very prominent this month) My temps have even been elevating and today my bbt was 36.9C! Yet right after i took my temp, i went to the washroom and viola...seems as though AF has arrived! This is very confusing and frustrating b/c many dr.s state you cannot have a period while pregnant...but i have also read that if your pregnancy hormone levels aren't high enough, tests will show up as negative and you will still have a period. I was going to take a test, but not sure if there's even a point? Any suggestions? Thanks. Oh, i almost forgot...did anyone know that Naproxen may stop ovaries from releasing mature eggs??? So, if you're on it or if u take it for whatever reason, and you're ttc, talk to your doc.


brightmoon. - October 25

Tinkerbell, It is not true that you can not have your period if you are pregnant. I know of a woman who had her peiod and a very low hormone level when she got pregnant. She took pregnancy tests even when it was confirmed through ultrasound that she was about 3 ,4 and 5 months pregant and the HPT still shaid she was not. lol. So that goes to show you.... Good luck.


Tinkerbell - October 25

Thanks for your opinion Brightmoon, lol your friends story gives me hope! :) Perhaps I will wait a few more days and then perform a test. If this is the case for me, hopefully hcg levels will have increased enough by then to be detected. I'm just wondering why my doc said we can't have a normal period when we're pregnant b/c from the moment the fertilized egg embeds itself, the pregnancy hormones released stop the next upcoming period...even if thats true, why don't they tell us that very low hcg levels can still allow AF to arrive around its usual time? I know about implantation and breakthrough bleeding, but I'm very sure this is a regular period. Anyhow, thanks again for the reply & have a good night.


Sana - October 26

I'm confused! I had a pos. on the first home test I took, Since then I had 2 neg. at the doc and then I had two neg at home. I have all the symptoms but a missed period. I feel pregnant and I'm really confused.My sister had her first two periods with all of her kids. I already had two, I'm going to the clinic to get a blood test done to see. If it comes out neg. Then something's serious wrong with me. I'm only 16 and my parents don't know about anything, my sisters and best friends are helping me.


Brightmoon - October 26

Sana, are you on any meds that could give you a false positive? Or have you had a miscarriage you think?


lindsay - October 26

ok, i had a d&c in august and i think that i got pg in late sep. i got period after the d&c on sep.15 and this month was on oct. 16. i have all the pg symptoms like i did before but i got my period. do you think that my hcg level was too low to detect the pg because of the d&c?


Brightmoon - October 27

Lindsay, you could be preganant. Or you could just be having symptoms because your hormones have not yet returned to normal. And for that reason, a HPT might not give a true reading either. So you could wait a month, or call doctor and see what they say. Maybe they will sonogram.


karen - October 27

Just to let you know......i read the message from Maria on another forum called "negative Ultrasound" and she has written something here, anyways she had neg. pregnancy tests and later this year from her post she went to the er for bad pains, She gave birth to a baby girl. Have faith we aren't all crazy!:)


katie - October 27

Hi ladies, I am also having similar symptoms and I am SO curious how everyone is doing?! This would be my first, I've never had any of these symptoms before (frequent trips to the bathroom- I usually have a bladder of steel; my saliva glands are in a constant tingle; bbs are sore; and weird backaches) but I did just go off the pill so who knows?! I've taken 3 HPTs because I just feel that I'm pg - my husband is convinced too. Now I'm on the 2nd day of what is likely my period (though it's lighter than usual) so I'm beginning to think I was crazy. I went to the nurse and she told me very politely that I was crazy if I thought I could tell I was pregnant before I missed my period... so this site has made me feel at least a little less crazy. Pls give updates on conditions, I'll let you know in a few weeks when I either get my next period or a +. You'd think something as important as bringing forth new life would be more clear cut! Good luck to everyone out there.


Sana - October 27

Brightmoon, no I'm not on any meds that show false pragnancies. I think and feel that I'm still pregnant. I went to the doctor today and will find out on Monday. IF I'm not pragnant then somethings seriously wrong with me, can anyone help??????


brightmoon - October 28

Well Katie, that nurse should take lesson from me then. I knew I was pregnant with my daughter VERY early. I started getting nauseous and lightheaded when I was not even a week pregnant. I took HPT at 2 weeks and it was positive, though a blood a 1 week was negative. So that nurse has a thing or two to learn. I knew way before I was to start my period!!!!


me - October 28

I took a test this AM, day of period due date and it was a really faint line... Then I took another kind of test that I had in my cabinet with my second pee of the day and it had no LINES???????? What do you think?


brightmoon - October 29

Me, if there was not even a line in the control window, then the test is invalid and you will need to take another one. The line in the control window should always appear since that is how you know if the test is functioning correctly. However if you mean that the line in the control was present but not in the results window then it could be two things. Either you are not pregnant or the levels of HCG in your system are not that high. That would account for you having a faint positive with your morning test (when your urine is it's most concentrated, therefore has a higher HCG level) and not one with your second test. Especially if you are early in your pregnancy. Hope this helps.


kokybee - October 29

This is very interesting to me, so much of it i am experiancing, I had my last period on sept 2 , I was 2 weeks late on my period and did 2 hpt and both were positive, a week later i started to bleed with what i thought was very light, so i lay on my back and put my feet up and also saw my regular doc, he didnt think i was miscarring but gave me progestrone just the same, i bled lightly about 1 pad a day,(it was very red) for about 3 days then it dwindled to almost nothing except slight brownish with lots of white mixed in, and it went away, well i called my gyn doc, the nurse said i have to go get a ultrasound and have baby removed, so i call them they say to go get my blood tested, so i call my doc, and he say that i probably have miscarried and to carry on with the progestrone in a month, and now all my hpt are negative tho the ept kind if i do it then let it sit for about an hour it gets a faint line so faint i think i may be imagining it, but all my preg symtoms are still firmly there, no nausea , but gagging, everything stinks, feeling depressed, lots of white clear mucous, and so much gas, and sometimes i feel stuff move but i know it is way to soon to feel the baby if i should still be pregnant, but just a weird feeling comes over my belly now and agian, a feeling of tightness and tingly, my husband thinks i am a bit nuts, but i dont know what to think, please help me out!!!!! I am so disgusted with all my doctors, why wont anybody see me, and now i am out of state and dont know what to do, could i have miscarried and there still be some stuff left in there making me feel pregnant or should i go get an ultra sound???????



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