Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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kokybee - October 29

This is very interesting to me, so much of it i am experiancing, I had my last period on sept 2 , I was 2 weeks late on my period and did 2 hpt and both were positive, a week later i started to bleed with what i thought was very light, so i lay on my back and put my feet up and also saw my regular doc, he didnt think i was miscarring but gave me progestrone just the same, i bled lightly about 1 pad a day,(it was very red) for about 3 days then it dwindled to almost nothing except slight brownish with lots of white mixed in, and it went away, well i called my gyn doc, the nurse said i have to go get a ultrasound and have baby removed, so i call them they say to go get my blood tested, so i call my doc, and he say that i probably have miscarried and to carry on with the progestrone in a month, and now all my hpt are negative tho the ept kind if i do it then let it sit for about an hour it gets a faint line so faint i think i may be imagining it, but all my preg symtoms are still firmly there, no nausea , but gagging, everything stinks, feeling depressed, lots of white clear mucous, and so much gas, and sometimes i feel stuff move but i know it is way to soon to feel the baby if i should still be pregnant, but just a weird feeling comes over my belly now and agian, a feeling of tightness and tingly, my husband thinks i am a bit nuts, but i dont know what to think, please help me out!!!!! I am so disgusted with all my doctors, why wont anybody see me, and now i am out of state and dont know what to do, could i have miscarried and there still be some stuff left in there making me feel pregnant or should i go get an ultra sound???????


roxie - October 30

Hi, I need some answers; I got my tubes burned back in 2003 and just 4 weeks ago my stomach popped out so to speak and none of my clothes fit anymore. i went to Dr. and he checked me said my uterus was enlarged and sent me for u/s, u/s came back normal no cysts, or tumors, or baby as far as it could tell. I took a early hpt three days before my period was suppose to start, it came back negative. Took another one on the day my period was suppose to come and still negative, period showed up right on time. The last couple months i have been 5 days late but this month right on time. I still look and feel pregnant. I don't know what do to know, could i be pregnant after having my tubes tied and getting my period. I am freaking out this has never happened to me, scared it might be something serious.


Debbie - October 31

my period was missed all september i finaly got a period october 14th it started dark brown then went to pink for 7 days. so im waiting for my next one now. wish i had a peep hole in my belly lol


Brightmoon - October 31

KoKyBee, I am so sorry and appauld at how the docs are treating you. I definitely think that you should get an ultrasound just to rule in or out you still being pregnant. How aweful would it be if you had a D&C and lost the baby because you were still pregnant. That being said, you should make sure and get the D&C if you do need it, so as not to have any complications later on. As far as letting the tests sit for an hour. You really shouldn't read them after 10 minutes and definitely not after an hour. Also, I had a miscarriage in 2002 and I still felt pregnant awhile after (and i now have 2 children 1998 and 2004). It depends on how high your homone levels were as to how soon you will start to "lose" the symptoms of pregnancy. Also, some of it can be psychological, it is a big lose and unfortunately, not enough people realize that and have the empathy they should. Best of luck to you.


Brightmoon - October 31

Roxie, I think that you should ask them to test you for an infection. However, I also wanted to know if they checked to see if you had an ectopic pregnancy. If not , Please MAKE SURE THEY DO!!!! It could turn serious very fast. Best of luck to you.


roxie - October 31

No i haven't had any tests done he want's to see me in 4 weeks. I am thinking about going to a different dr. My stomach is getting bigger I am so scared. what else could it be?


Rebecca - October 31

I found this great website that gives the sensitivity for the different pregnancy tests. I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I also found out that it's best to wait at least 4 hours from your last urination before taking a test so the hormone has time to acc_mulate in your system. Follow directions exactly, pee a little first then put stick in stream to get best reading and don't pee too long. Read test exactly when it says not sooner or later. Hope this helps. I haven't missed a period but I think I'm 11 weeks, have had two negatives but wasn't following these directions. My periods are always the same since I was 12 but the last two were lighter and very different. Good luck to everyone. I'm testing again later today.


roxie - October 31

Rebecca, why do you think you are 11 weeks pregnant? I was just curious, but good luck on your next HPT


Keeley - November 3

Well you women are not on your own in this situation.. because im in exactly the same boat, me and my partner have been ttc for 4 months now.. but still no baby, anyway around the time im supposed to expect my period its never come, its always been late, but before we was trying it was fine, it was on time every month so thats why im a little bit curious and now im reading more and more of comments on this website im starting to think that maybe i actually could be pregnant too! well last time i was due for my period, i had stomach cramps, backache, nausea, sore b___sts etc etc.. i was certain that my period was due anytime! but nothing came, i did about 4 pregnancy tests but all negative so i was a bit confused and thought id wait about another week and test again, 8 days later i finally got my period which was weird cos im never usually that late, i was on my period for about 3-4 days when im usually on for the full 7, it was darker than usuall but the nxt day it was red, n then it went to pink, n then back brown so i was really confused, my partner and i was a little dissapointed at what we thought might be my period! but these past couple of weeks ive had all the pregnancy symptoms, feeling sick ( and actually being sick some mornings) twinges in my left side and right side, dizzyness and feeling light headed, constant trips to the toilet, more tired (Cant stop yawning!) the list just goes on.. i dont really want to go to the doctor for a blood test incase it comes out negative like all the hpts ive took which would be a waste of time, we really want this baby i think ill take another test in a few days and see if that tells me anything different than usual any suggestions on what u think i should do? or anyone else had the same thing happen to them? id love to hear it if you have maybe give me a bit of hope! all of you trying for a baby i hope you get blessed with your own bundle of joy very soon **babydust** Keeley :)


Rebecca - November 3

Well my test came back negative again but I still think I'm pregnant and now I think I may actually be closer to 5 months pregnant. Sounds crazy doesn't it. I have two kids so it isn't my first pregnancy and I know the drill. I've been feeling my uterus lately and it's sitting right at my navel and feels about the size of a cantaloupe I was looking on line to see if I could pinpoint just how far along I am (I wasn't sure when my peroid was in August) and to my amazement the position and size of my uterus would indicate being about 20 weeks pregnant. I didn't get much morning sickness with my first two and just queasy feelings that stopped a month or so ago. I've been trying really hard lately to loose weight, eating well and just staying active, I haven't been able to loose weight and not until this past week or so have I started gaining any(1.5lbs) bit my pants don't fit anymore. I've (this is embarra__sing) been eating a lot of black beans, pinto beans, veggies, etc. so I've been having a lot of gas, I remember thinking last week that I felt my baby move but didn't think I was along far enough yet so I excused it as gas. I think it's probably time to call a doc so I will let you all know how that goes.


roxie - November 3

Rebecca, Wow I am in the same boat as you. Was dieting and excercising and then BAM tummy popped out and clothes don't fit. My dr. did and u/s but there was nothing there. So I am going to another dr. next thursday to see if she can help me. Now I am getting heartburn like crazy and i only get that when i am pregnant. let me know how things go.


Holly - November 4

I am 1 week and 2 days late. I have taken 2 pregnancy test. 1 when i was 2 days late and 1 when i was 1 week late. I have felt like i am going to get my period for 1 week and 3 days


sure - November 4

yes sure you can get your period, take 1000 home pg test and still be pg. honey you have yor period you do have not got a positive you are not pg.


Gia - November 4

Its very possible to be several weeks p/g and not see it on an u/s. I know this is are but it does happen. I have a friend who was 5 months and they couldnt find her baby, finally after searching they found him hidden behind her bladder. My sister had a friend who was having severe stomach cramping and also got a period monthly, she went to the dr and was told the stomach cramping was her baby kicking, she was 5 months p/g before she found out. Gives alot of hope huh :) Gia


Brightmoon - November 5

Wow Gia. That is amazing. 5 months is awhile. Well, I have taken another pregnancy test the other day and it is still negative. I did get my period last month , but it was irregular. My stomach is VERY "bloated" and I have been feeling nauseous, dizzy, smell sensitive and other symptoms. I have been feeling light fluttery feelings in my stomach for weeks now. But just this morning, I started having a slight tightening in my stomach near the left side of my belly b___ton. Then when the tightening started to go away, I felt something like a kick and SAW my stomach move outward. Now, am out of my mind, is it gas,still IBS symptoms, or could i really be pregnant? A test didn't read positive till I was 7 weeks wiht my son but I got a positive a 2 weeks with my daughter. Wouldn't I be quite far along if I saw and felt that? And another thing, I have a listening thing you put to your stomach that I still have from my daughter, could have sworn I heard something the other day. What do you think?


Gia - November 5

I hate the "your mind plays tricks on you" speech, it really aggravates me. There is no one in the medical field who knows your body better than you do, sometimes i wonder about drs. If drs knew everything, then they wouldnt call it "practicing" medicine. Im a firm believer in that a woman's intuition knows best, in alot of cases (not all) when a woman feels shes p/g she usually is. Also, this is a personal opinion but im gonna say it, i dont exactly believe in evap lines on preg tests, i have use plain water and water mixed with bleach and never got a evap line but when i used just urine i almost always get a line i even have gotten a pink line after the allowed time. Hope this helps, i wish everyone the best and brightmoon, you sound very p/g to me. Good luck. Here is my test from 10-23



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