Anyone Have Neg HPT Blood Tests But U S Should Pregnant

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cherryblossm - September 20

Hi All :) I have read tons of these forums but never wrote in one. I find that tons of people comment but when people say they are going for an ultra-sound they almost never post back as to what their results were. So here is my story...I am 24y/o and my LMP was July 16. I have not been on birth control of any sort (besides condoms) for over a year. My cycle is a strict 30-31 days. I took a HPT on August 27th (day 42) and again on the 28th (day 43) first thing in the morning both came out negative. I was ok with that, and went on with my life, until I shortly after I started feeling really sick in the evening and woke up at 3:30 am to vomit (not very common for me at all!), I was feeling really sluggish but assumed it was due to work and school. I decided to go for a blood test on Sept. 2 which also came out negative but my Dr told me that she was still like me to come back for a repeat blood test in two weeks if AF didn't arrive;she was not convinced I wasn't PG because I had some symptoms. I started feeling more sickness (mostly in evening) and my boyfriend asked me if moodiness was a symptom. I guess I have been quite moody lately...I only notice that I can cry on a dime over something as simple as a commercial lol Anyway I convinced myself I wasn't pg and my dr was nuts until I started vomiting on the 11th and 12th. I took another HPT on the 11th (negative). I scheduled an appointment with my Dr on the 16th for another blood test and took a HPT on the 15th (that is 4 in total) seeing as I missed now 2 AF in a row. The blood test came back negative and my Dr still wasn't convinced since I also have been having cramping for about 2 weeks (was EXCRUCIATING on the 12th) and my br___ts are incredibly sore (I don't even like my DB to touch them anymore). She is going to schedule me for an ultra-sound; I am still waiting for the appointment call. My question to you all is this...Have you or anyone you know went through anything even remotely similar and turned out to be pregnant when an ultra-sound was done? I am beginning to worry it is an ectopic pregnancy, a giant cyst, or something worse. I am just confused all around. Any and all comments will be appreciated :) Thanks for reading!!


Genevieve - January 29

I really hope this turned out okay! Best of luck!



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