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Christy - September 24

Does anyone know the reasoning behind why some women dont get BFP's when pregnant? or, why they dont get them until 2 or 3 months pregnant? Its frustrating b/c I feel like I cant totally trust the pregnancy tests, but I have read threads from women on this forum that claim to never get bfp's, but wind up being pregnant? DOES ANYONE KNOW THE SCIENTIFIC REASONING BEHIND THIS??


Holly - September 24

No, but I sure wish I did. I've heard theories though, about low hcg levels, but high progesterone which is what sustains pregnancy. And the hcg antibody theory that there's an hcg antibody that masks the hcg and causes the tests to be negative even though you have tons of it, its just hidden by the antibody. I don't think there's been a lot of research on the subject probablly because it doesn't happen that often, it is pretty rare, but i think there's a lot of disscussion on this site about it because there are plenty of women that don't get their periods and don't get bfp's and want to know what else could be wrong with them. Thats why i came here anyway, I've missed 3 periods have had all signs of pregnancy with no positive tests, and was trying to convince myself that the test were right and i'm not pregnant, but then a couple days ago i started feeling the flutters, and now i'm more confused then ever. Only time will tell for me. It's a very strange and unusual thing to occur, but it does happen to some women.


to holly and christy - September 24

As a lab tech, I agree with the low HCG levels theory... It may be that the woman is testing too soon, and her levels haven't gotten high enough for the hpt to detect it... most measure at about 25 mIU/mL, although there is one that detects at 10 mIU/mL. There are lots of factors that play into this, such as the amount of fluid intake of the individual (the more H2O one drinks, the less concentrated their urine is) their kidney function, and remember, the HCG is produced by the placenta, not the baby... this means that HCG is only produced as the placenta matures, and grows. Each placenta is different. Advice on this is to use only the first part of your first morning urine (this is usually the most concentrated.) Wait at least a week in between hpt's. If you get two in a row that are neg, and you are having symptoms, or still no cycle, go to your doc and insist on a blood HCG. If you don't have any health insurance, Planned Pregnancy will give you one for free. Your levels increase in your blood much faster than they increase in your urine. And to those who are REALLY pregnant, and do a hpt, and it is neg. Each test has a range, which goes from the least amount, to the most amount of hcg it can detect. Anything after that level will come up negative (its called a post-phase reaction). For those of you who think that you are out of your first trimester, I would recommend the blood Quant_tative HCG.


Christy - September 24

to the lady who wrote "to holly and christy"...thanks so much for that response. it makes allot of sense. I have one more question for you know what would be the latest I should test for pregnancy if the preg test strips I use test at 20mIU/mL?? and what would be the range of HCG tests that sensitive could detect?? thanks!


Holly to Lab tech - September 24

Hi , thanks for your info. I did have a quant_tative hcg done after my 2nd missed period, it was 2. I continue to test weekly and continue to get negative tests. I do not have insurance and I went to planned parenthood for the blood test and had to pay for it out of pocket. I am now over a week from my 3rd missed period, so if I were pregnant I'd be about 14 weeks, which on some calenders const_tutes 2nd trimester. What do you think I should do? Wait it out another few weeks and pay for another blood test? wait it out a month or two until I'm showing and the baby kicks are visable or able to be felt from the outside aswell? I'm at a loss here as to what to do, I feel like I'm going crazy, but I know I'm not.


lab tech - September 24

Christy, you should read the package insert that comes with you hpt... it should have what is called a "linear range" or something similar to that. Each test and manufacturer is different. If you are asking me what the most amount of HCG this test can detect, and you think you are into your 3rd or 4th month, put down the hpt and run to your doc's office to get a blood pregnancy test... to Holly: As far as quant_tative HCG tests go, 2 is not significant. Most only measure at 2. So, a 2 or <2 means usually "not pregnant". If you are still missing your period, a second HCG quant_tative would be very useful. If it also comes back <2 or 2, I would recommend seeking a physician's care. There are other things which will make a woman's menses cease, such as premature menopause (it can happen as soon as the age of 25), molar pregnancy, ovarian cysts, etc. I hope that this helps you.


anon - October 9

Holly have you asked for a sonogram? I saw on a website that women have had hcg levels of 3 and were are pregnant.



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