Anyone Pregnant With The Faint Line After The Alloted Time

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Monica - November 8

I have the most pregnancy signs but my tests shows extremely faint line some of them within the alloted time some after (depends on the brand). I know about evapouration lines but just wondering because the extremely faint line is exactly on the shape of the test line and it is redish not grayish. Anyone experienced this and ended up being pregnant please post.


K - November 8

I am 13 days late & took a Dollar Tree HPT 3 days ago with a negative result and then about 1/2 hour later I looked again and there was a light pink line under the "results" window. But I think it could be an evaporation line?


T - November 8

Monica - A faint line within the time frame is a positive. If the line is a few minutes after the time frame and is coloured this is a positive. You need to see your doctor for confirmation. K - You might be testing too early. It sounds like a evapouration line but it was coloured. Evapouration lines are usually not coloured. See your doctor for a blood test.


Jordan - November 9

I am wondering the same thing as Monica. I took a Dollar Tree test and got a faint reddish-purple line outside of the time limit too. Evap line or should I retest? Nervous!


Monica - November 9

Thanks to all for your reply :) Last night I had extremely sore b___bs and tingling allover. They look swollen as well and I have blu veins through aureola and nipples. I have also kind of weird heavy feeling around my belly b___ton. I think we should test again in a couple of days. I pray for all of us to be pregnant. By the way, I have done tests before but they were clearly negative even if you look at them the next day. Please keep me posted should you have a BFP or any info.


J - November 9

not always true I took many dollar tree tests some even showed up in the time frame all were pink lines and i am not pregnant had an ultrasound and blood test if i were you i would see your doctor and confirm


Monica - November 10

I did two more dollar store test which says read results in 5 min. I did one last night and I've got a faint line within 7 min, you could see it from a reading a book distance but not sure if it was pink or gray because of the lights,; i did one this morning too and the faint line appears again but barely noticable afer 7-10 minutes. Maybe they are all evapouration lines ;( -----But why I have pregnancy signs? Fine, I will ignore all the rest but the b___st soreness I can't because they are so sensitive, swollen and itchy; also blue veins are more noticable everyday! Let alone the back painand lower abdomin twinges and pinches. Soooooooooo confused!!!


Laci - November 10

hey yall i just want you to know that if you feel in your heart that you are pregnant dont ignore it. go to the doc, and have him do an ultrasound, i read more and more about how pregnancy test can be wrong, i know in my heart im pregnant and i am going through the same thing yall are, i also tryed to ignor all the signs my body was giving me and it is def, undeniable, so fallow your heart and trust your body. and please go to the doc. i wish yall luck ***lata baby dust***


Julie - November 10

From what I've read, evap lines are not usually pink. But, more gray. With certain tests, I'd get a faint line after the time limit, purely because I had such a low HCG number at the time, that the pink line was only as dark as the pink that remained on the rest of the test. Once it had TOTALLY dried out, and the rest was white, my line was visible. I'm not advising anyone to trust that kind of line on a test, but when I see it, I know I'm pregnant. Again, it depends on the test. Certain tests are known for false positives. My absolute favorite...I think... is the Walmart brand. It's really inexpensive (not as cheap as a dollar brand), usually about $3.50 for a test, or around $6 for 2 tests. Anyways, I've NEVER got a false positive on that brand, but it is the best test purchased at a store that I've used. I also like the test strips from the internet. But, the equate always gave me early positives, sometimes slightly past the time frame, but for me, I knew it was correct. Only because I NEVER get a faint pink line, even after the time frame, on the equate test, if I'm not pregnant. Good Luck.


Monica - November 11

Thank to Laci and Julie I hope to be in that way. I took another test this morning (dollar test) in which they don't mention at all the alloted time and I don't know why, however the faint pinkish line showed up concretely after 7 minute but I swear that you could notice a shadow coming after 3 minutes. I have a doctor appointment at 6 pm today and will see the outcomes. I am having slightly high temp but I also have flu and my noise is runny and dry throat and in the same time I have a lot of saliva. I pray every second to be pregnant after trying for 5 years. It is such a long road to reach there. Please pray for me to have a good new from my doctor today. ~*~*~*~*~ tons of Baby Dust to all of us~*~*~*~*~


Julie - November 11

Good Luck! Let us know what you find out!


Laci - November 11

Good luck sweetie im prayin for ya


Monica - November 14

Thanks to all. Bad news, I am not pregnant :(, anyway doctor said that everything is ok with you they just need to check my husbands sperm meanwhile I am taking pills to get my period. But, the GREAT news is that she sow that I have follicles in my ovaries!!! Have I told you that I don't ovulate in my own? Maybe all this symptoms are because of ovulation. Than when I get me period she will give me some meds to stimulate my ovaries and if my husbants sperm will be low, than she said we will go by insemination IUI. What do you all think about this? I am a bit excited!!! Please let me know your opinion. Thank YOU!


Monica - November 14

I forgot to mention that I have never tried IUI. I hope it will work out.


Shell - November 23

I also have the same thing happening but I got my tests off of ebay. I get a very very faint but noticable second line within the time limit. I've taken 6 of them and they all have the line. Since they show up before the test time, I'm confused. I've taken many many tests before & never had this happen. I guess I'll find out the old fashioned way & wait to see if I actually get it when I'm supposed to (in one day).


krob - November 23

HI Shell I just took a pregnancy from ebay too is it one with a blue handle and just a stick I to got a negative right away but after a few minutes I got a faint line it is hard to see but it is there


shell - November 23

Hi Krob, it was the one with the pinkish purple handle that has hcg written all over it. I've taken 8 of them & they all show a faint line within the time limit yet the one I stuck in water showed no second faint line. The line has never gotten any darker either.



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