Anyone Pregnant With The Faint Line After The Alloted Time

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shell - November 23

Hi Krob, it was the one with the pinkish purple handle that has hcg written all over it. I've taken 8 of them & they all show a faint line within the time limit yet the one I stuck in water showed no second faint line. The line has never gotten any darker either.


krob - November 24

I am sure to sure I went out and bought Frirst response early detection and I am going to wait again beofer testing


Yvonne - November 30

Hello ladies. I actually post on a completely different board on a regular basis, but happened to run across this one. I read all of your comments and have this to say for anyone who may still read this thread. ***Carefully follow the instructions on the actual pregnancy test.*** If the instructions tell you not to read the results after a certain amount of time, then after that amount of time is up, consider the results null and void. All pregnancy tests are testing for the same thing and that's HCG within the bloodstream. Make sure you aren't testing too soon, as this will yield a false-negative. I have been convinced that the 'name-brand' on a test means nothing. A particular test may have some defects, but in the long-run they all are testing for the same thing. I just recently took a New Choice test that I found at my local Dollar Tree. It gave me a positive, not a faint one though; I got it confirmed at the doctor's office and I'm now 7 weeks pregnant. This is a good sight that I think you ladies may find This site is dedicated to pregnancy tests (clearing up confusion) and it's full of pictures. Check it out sometime. Much babydust to you all.


Jewels1220 - December 4

I had the same thing happen to me. I took a dollar store test in morning didn't see a second line within the time frame so tossed it in garbage. 7  hours later I went back to the garbage to look at it again since I do that a lot and sure thing I had a second pink line! It was not an evaporation line it was clearly pink and I have never even gotten an evaporation line on tests before. So the next morning I told 2 other pregnancy test both BFP!!!! So I would say even though it's not within the time frame it's very possible your are still pregnant and should test again in morning! 



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