Anyone Use First Response Early Tests

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stacey - April 10

Did anyone use these and get a neg. before a positive? I have tried it and am 11dpo- still getting neg. If you did get a far along were you? They are supposed to be very sensitive...or so I thought.


Zoiesmom - April 10

Yes, I tried First Response 3x all negative with one evaporation line (??). Still no AF symptoms although it is not due until 4/12. Have some pregnancy symptoms.


stacey - April 10

thanks for the response. it might just be too early- hopefully!


LIzzy - April 11

I have had 3 negatives so far with first response including this morning 4/11 but not due until 4/14...Will let you know.


lynn - April 11

tested with a first response a few days ago, negative, due for af tomorrow...waiting a few more days before i test again.


kelly - April 11

Yes I did and got a negitive. Today with first morning sample I used an ept and got a positive and am 7 days from my next cycle.


stacey - April 11

thanks :) kelly, with news like that you're feeding into my neuroticism :) Thinking maybe I should get a new test (brand). How many days difference was there between taking the 2 tests?


L - April 11

I got neg at 10dpo with first response. Got a very faint positive at 11dpo & finally got a positive @ 13dpo.


Ana - April 12

Hi kelly! congratulations. Can you tell us how many dpo were you when tested positive? Thanks and good luck


stacey - April 12

L, thanks and good to know since today I am 13 dpo. Was told to wait until after 14, which would be Thursday. So, hope I'll have some good news then.


Chris - April 12

Yes, i tested with first response it was positive right away and i was about 4 weeks pregnant


Melanie - April 13

I have tested 4 days before negative, 2 days negative and now 7 days negative... going to doctor tomorrow.. cause he said these tests are very good so, we will see what the blood test shows.. just recently got over the flu so that might be the reason


vanessa - April 13

I used this brand of test last month because I had a few weird symptoms -- I tested 4 days before my missed period and it was BFN. Just to be sure, I tested again 2 days before my missed period and still BFN. Needless to say... 2 days later AF showed up right on time... and ANGRY!!! That b*tch. ;)


stacey - April 13

Vanessa that's what I'm getting scared about. I don't know my exact cycle b/c I miscarried in Jan- this is only my 1st cyce after m/c, so I am really messed up. Thought it would be here 3 days ago, but not!


sofia - April 13

I have gone through many packages of First Response early lately but it got to be really expensive so the other day I got a pack of cheap generic tests. Two days ago I took the generic test - positive! To be sure I took a First Response test yesterday and it came back negative. Don't know what to think, other than that I wont waste more money on expensive HPT:s. I'm giving myself a couple of days before I test again.


Jodi - April 14

The $1 "Baby Test" from Dollar General or Dollar Tree test at 25 mIU. The results are clear and easy to read. No more expensive tests for me!


stacey - April 14

well, I know why the test was neg :( grumble did show up this am. Good luck to the rest of you! Sofia- that's weird! Let us know what happens!



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