Are Blood Test As Accurate As They Say

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Curious One - January 20

Hi everyone. Today makes my period 25 days late... I've taken 2 hpts and 1 blood test and the results were negative. I've had the symptoms of pregnancy and Im a pet_te girl and Ive notice a puge but sometimes I feel as though Im just bloated.. I have had menustral cramps with a "no show" period... My lower back aches a lot.. my mouth stays watery.. I get headaches occasionally... and my br___t are so tender... I wouldnt be all that worried about being pregnant if my period wasn't like clockwork...I was pretty set with that fact that I wasn't pregnant until I found this website.. What are the chances of me being pregnancy with those negative results? (by the way, Im not sure what type of blood test was given at the doctor's office)


Michelle - January 21

I am 9 days late, period like clockwork. I took three HPT and one blood test and all showed negative. I called the doctor's office today and they said I could be pregnant but wait another week to test again. This is really frustrating. Hang in there.


Bea - January 22

I am 11 days late, and my period is still not here. I have taken I don't know how many HPT since before my period started because I had symptoms a week before my period was due, so you can imagine I bought lots of HPTs at the dollar store to be checking everyday. Finally this week I took two and they were negative, all have been negative. I got so frustrated and had been having abdominal pains, so I called my doctor and went to see him on Thursday. I asked for a blood test and told him that I had tried several HPTs and all were negative, and that I wanted to make sure that I was pregnant by having a blood test. So I had one Thursday, and results were in on Friday. They were negative. How can that be, I am 11 days late and have all the pregnancy symptoms. I have been catching colds more now, than ever before. I am so frustrated, because I don't want to take any medication just in case I am. If I am not, I wish my period would come, so I can not worry about takeing things I am not supposed to when pregnant. I just had to vent. Hope we here something soon. My period is also like clockwork.


Autumn - January 24

I took many pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. Finally, one test showed a slight faded blue line and I found out from the doctor that I was already 10 weeks along. If you feel symptoms, especially a missed period and breat soreness, then hang in there. A test will be positive eventually!



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