As Anyone Been 4 Months Pregnant But Still Getting A Period

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julie - November 20

I think i am about 4 months pregnant, i have had all the symptoms apart from morning sickness, but felt sick in the evenings. i have had several pregnancy test and they say negative.4 months ago i was a size 12 now i have to wear a size 18 on the waist. I can rest a cup on the top of my belly and at the beginning of my of the months i felt flutters,now i feel alot more movement than this i get cramp pains..some of periods have been and some normal but stop within a few hours or a day. i have come on again, no pains a little more than the spotting, this happened last time but i stopped within a day i am so scared as i have come to terms with thinking and seeing and feeling pregnant that something is wrong or iam not pregnant. As anyone else been or going through this.


katie - November 30

i'm in the same situation i think i'm two months pregnant my tummy is getting bigger and also my b___st. i have backaches and morning sickness with usually last all day. i had two periods but they are very different from usual they are my lighter. i think i'm pregnant but my family thinks i'm going crazy.


Hello.... - November 30

Go to the doctor!


Lisa - November 30

Welp, when I bled when I was pregnant it was LIKE a period However.... I miscarried i the third and fourth months- 2 seperate miscarriages. I knew something was wrong because I never bled when I was pregnant with my other two daughters. I'd say bleeding in pregnancy leans more toward "uh oh" than being a real period. Now, I have heard of women having uterine (sunchronic) hematomas. It is ODD but they bleed and go on to have healthy babies..


joijoi21 - December 12

yes i have not recieved my period in about 3 months i have all the symptoms of pregnancy exept tender b___sts. I have taken 3 home pregnancy tests all negative. I dont know what to do.


kendra - December 14

yes i have been going through the same thing but periods have been coming on i had everything a pregnant woman have execept vomitting all the flutters and the arm movements i read that in a book when your pregnant thats what happen but i dont know i usually dont eat breakfat but know i eat it every day and i have to have snacks all the time when you have a line going down the middle of your stomach and i have one know?


krissy - December 16

hey julie, one thing you should do is go get a blood test done if you havent already....i havent had that personally(actually waiting to see if i am pregnant right now) but my mom said she had something similar to her period for about the first 4 months with all three of her pregnancies...she also said that the urnie testes would not work on her until she was about 3-4months preg. she had to have the blood test.....and she went through the samething as u everyone thought she was crazy...even the dr until he finally gave in and gave her a blood test good luck with everything!


Albandavk - March 3

I am sixteen and a few months ago my parents found out I've been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend who I've been dating over a year... They made me take a pregnancy test it was negotive... I've been getting irregular periods since then and they stop and start my b___bs have been sore I've been crampy a lot and I was getting sick almost every morning for about two months... Just recently I've been gaining weight it seems I'm always hungry... I started to get worried so I did another test and it was negative to a few days after that my parents noticed and had me do another one and it was negative... I don't know what to do anymore my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy and that it's all in my head but I really think I am please help is this even possible?



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