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Faith - April 28

I went to the dr today. I'm 11 days late and negative hpt's. Their urine test was negative. Dr didn't seem to concerned about me being late. He did a beta-hcg blood test at my request and I got the results an hour later....It was ZERO. So I'm not pregnant. I didn't have a urinary tract infection but had blood in my urine so maybe that is what is causing my symptoms. It's strange how i had pg symptoms and really thought I was pg but I'm not. Last night I had a light pink discharge when I wiped. I put on a pad thinking I was starting but then nothing else at all. I thought I was pregnant for sure then. It's so wierd. I wish I'd just go ahead and start. But I know all this happend for a reason. I have 4 kids and was trying to decide if I was done. My husband scheduled to have a vasectomy and I prayed that God would let me know if it was the wrong decision. I know he has because at the idea of me being pregnant me and my husband both got excited and we were both dissapointed now that we know I'm not. So we have decided we want to try. :-) I'm glad I found this board as I became obsessed with the whole wondering thing and I felt like I could come here and read stories from people who understood. I'm still gonna keep check cause now I'm interested in many of you and your stories. I hope you get your positive results. Have faith in God.


Catherine - April 29

Faith, do you have any other symtpoms? Do you feel the same way you did with your other 4 children? There are plenty of women who don't get BFP's for a little while- some for months, even. Maybe that's the case with you- but either way, sounds like you'll be pregnant soon if you're not now! Don't give up if you think you are, but if you think you're not, get trying!! :) All the best to you...


Elizabeth - April 29

Aww Faith thats great! I've been thinking I'm pregnant all week and I went to the dr. yesterday and they did a blood test but I won't know the results until later today or Monday. The agony of waiting! But they also tested me for diabetes and I'm afraid thats what I have instead. I'm only 22 and my husband and I have only been married for 6 months and we don't have any babies and I'm in law school and hes appplying to grad school but . . . we would love a baby!!!! And I would WAY rather be pregnant than diabetic!! But, if we're not then we're not going to start trying yet. So . . . I'm just praying that if we are the Lord would let us know soon so the waiting can stop! =/...=). Either way I suppose it will be good. I was having so many symptoms this week though and I've been feeliing yesterday and this morning like they're subsiding--I'm not peeing as much and I'm not having queasy feeling as much --I'm still having mood swings . . . . my b___sts aren't sore at all . . . .. my period still hasn't come though and I'm on day 47 of my cycle! But my basal body temperature was normal this morning although higher than the past few mornings-- 98.3. I'll update when I know something! --And keep up hope! My cousin didn't have her pregnancy confirmed until she got an ultra sound.


Faith - April 29

Yes, I have pregnancy symptoms and I was so sure I was pregnant. I've been feeling nauseaus, higher sense of smell, moody, backache, and b___st tenderness (it actually feels like they did when I was b___st feeding, like milk letting down. if that makes sense. Kinds of tinglly tightening) I have searched and searched for information on how and why it would be possible that you would not have any hcg in your body if you were pregnant and have been able to find anything. I did find one study that said this: If beta-Hcg in negative Does NOT mean the pt is not pregnant Just may not be enough hcg yet to detect it. Some pts can go to full-term and still not have detectable hcg levels. If I don't start I think I will take a test again next week. I could probably get an ultrasound in a few more weeks. I had an IUD taken out the first of March, but i was ovulating with the IUD and it was causing bad periods. So I had it removed and I had my period March 19th. That Sunday I put on a patch and wore it 4 days. Took it off and we had unprotected s_x after that. So normally ovulation would have occured around the 2nd of this month but I think because I wore the patch for 4 days it threw my ovulation off by at least a week which would mean if I was pregnant it would only be by about 4wks. I wondered last night it maybe the pinkish discharge could be implantation bleeding? But that wouldn't explain why I've had the pg symptoms. And it's not in my head. I have been pg 5 times (4 kids one m/c) and I know what it feels like to be pg. Stupid doc said that i felt that way because of the patch I wore for 4 days. I don't think so. I wish I could find more info on no hcg levels. Dr said if pg it would definetely show up. Who knows. I guess you'll know for certain one way or another.


Gina - April 29

Hi, Well Faith, you would not have any pg symptoms til implantation anyways. I got symptoms one week after conception. There would be no HCG in your blood so your body does not know it is pg until implantation occurs. I also have 4 kids pg with no. 5, and I always had symptoms start around 5-6 weeks. This time as I said it started one week after conception. Breast tenderness mostly. So, I did not attribute it to pregnancy. I thought it was PMS. I wish you luck, it sounds like you want a baby. I think you should try again even if your not.


Elizabeth - April 29

Hi everyone. The doctors office just called me. They said they gave me a qualitative test and that it came back negative. I still feel pregnant though . . . . I guess I'll test again in a couple of weeks?



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