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TCOBsGirl - January 20

Its a bit confusing but I'll try to explain. I got married dec 2nd of this year (we did not use protection) I had expected my period on the 6th but it didnt come until the 12th (which stress I know can delay ovulation and period) but when it can it was very short (like 2 days) bright pink and dark brown (wierd) a little before that and for three weeks after I was feeling very nausea, very b---chy (which I am almost NEVER) sleepy and foggy and sensitve br___t (also almost never). I took two test to make sure I wasnt pregnant (just on a hunch) they were negative (three days apart) well now its the jan 20th and still no sign of AF. I generally have 31 day cycles. I took two more tests (one on the 17th and one today) both again negative. (In lack of period lots of white creamy CM) I am not looking to get pregnant (we wouldnt mind) so I know this isnt in my head. I'm just not sure where to go from here. My husbands insurance has not yet kicked in so I cant go to the doctors yet. Should I just let this rest and wait for AF? I dont know if I should believe hpt result. Has anyone had this happen before? last month I was almost positive I was pregnant and now...Im not sure enough to say either way. Also would there be too much HCG in my system for hpt to read since I would be 8 weeks now?


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

I didnt have a period for two months, july and august, and I was having pregnancy symptons and even a faint + on a HPT but I wasent pregnant it was an ovarian cyst. It is possible that due to stress and everything your period came later and shorter, it is so rare not to detect HCG levels when your 8 weeks but it can happen (did for me for 3 pregnancies). It would be more likely that your only a week and a bit late and you could have od later and/or the egg is a late implanter, it can sometimes take up to 2 1/2 weeks late of af for some women to get there af. If i didnt get af within the next 3 weeks I would go see a dr and find out whats going on.


Megane - January 21

hmmmm 10 days later you had spotting. it could have been implantation... I have heard of many women who do not get a possitive for a few weeks after period should have come. So its possitble or it could just be your body out of wack.. I would wait a week and if no period then test again. If still negative wait another week and test again. At this point if you are still getting a negative and no period I would go in to the dr. b/c in some rare instances it could be a sign of something wrong.



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