Best Preg Test

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Kate - January 4

What is the best pregnancy test to buy? The most accurate and the earliest detection?


Meg - January 4

I have had good experiences with the cheap ones from Dollar tree...and feel better about it because i can test 4 or 5 times for the cost of one other one!!!! lol...and their sensitivity is good too! good luck!!!


yaas - January 4

meg hi, is it rue that sometimes these tests give fulse rsults?


Kay - January 4

I have heard that all tests can give fale results. I did some research and the highest accuracy rate with the lowest hcg dectection was First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. "most reliable and sesitive test" cbs news. Hope this helps. Also visit


Taneika - January 5

Kate, I used Clearblue Digital and First Response when I tested this time, and they both came out neg. I didn't believe them b/c I've been preg before and I know my body, so I went to Walmart and bought an Equate preg test, and it was positive (on the same day). I got it confirmed with a blood test, and I am now 5 weeks preg. If you go to and look at the HPT Showdown, it will show you pics of positives using 15 different brands. The Walmart brand ended up performing a lot better than some of the more expensive brands. It got a strong positive while the First Response and Answer Early (same test, different name) came up with lines so faint that you could barely see them. I found that site to be very useful. Hope that helps and good luck!!!


Kate - January 5

Thanks for all of the advice. I am not due for AF till the 10th and I am horrible at waiting so I wanted to try tests that were reliable and not waste money on those that are not. I am still holding out on the testing. Anybody know the earliest time to test with an accurate positve. (praying it will eventually be pos.)


leaha - January 11

I am due for my period on Thurs. I took a digital clear blue test and it said neg. I just feel so exhausted. I have a daughter and I feel the way I did when I was pregnant with her . Could it be to early to test. THANKS BABy DUST


leaha - January 11

any news from anyone. Let me know


LB - January 11

I am due for AF on Mon jan 16. I tested this morning (even though it is really soon, I couldn't help it) with test stips and it was neg. I have been having symptoms so gonna wait three days and try again. Baby dust to you all!!!


Melissa - January 12

I tested yesterday with EPT. I got a negative. I am due for my period on the 16th, so I am hoping that it's just too early to tell. After reading through this thread, I see that many of us are due over the weekend and next week. We should come back then, with updates! Best of luck to us all!!!


Kate - January 12

Well, AF came yesterday. Maybe next month!


Renee - January 12

My period was due on 1/10 so I'm a few days late. I've been having the symptoms. Should I wait at least a week? This will be my first test.


leaha - January 13

Still no period 2 days late for period. Took clear blue easy(digital) 2 days before period and neg. Should I test again or wait a week


KLB - January 14

I took a Dollar Tree one yesterday (love those things) & it came up positive right away. But to double check I took 2 ClearBlue digitals and they were both positive too. The dollar store ones DO work!



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