Beta Blood Test Less Than 2 Was Anyone Stilll Pregnant

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Hoping to be a Mom - May 17

I am only about two to three days late but I am always on time and I feel so pregnant. Its just like the last when I was pregnant before I miscarried. I got negative hpts until 18dpo last time but I couldn't wait until then since I thought I had a positive htp they did a urine test BFN and they did a beta and said it was less then two. My doctor says that I should get my af in a few days but I don't think she will come. Has this happened to anyone else?


Becky - May 18

Would love to have a answer to that one also


hoping to be a mom - May 18

I had a full fertility work up just two months ago to see if they could do a HSG and this is the second cycle after that. The doctor did say I whould be more fertile. I know that I don't have any cysts. I feel so pregnant. I've read a book that if you have 18 hight temps or more you are pregnant and I am already their. I hope there is someone that can answer this question. I'll keep testing every two days and see what happens too.


colleen - May 19

maybe you did get a faint positive but had a chemical pregnancy. that's when you get pregnant but lose it very early on. many women would never have known and would just think their af is late if they never tested. your hormone levels drop to nonpregnant levels rather quickly. i just went through this last month and it was so frustrating, you feel like you're going crazy.


hoping to be a mom - May 19

Its possible but then I think that I should be bleeding by now and I am not. I am four days late and I think I had implantation bleeding a day or two before af was due. It was a ditigal test so it probably truely was negative. Thanks for the help. It wasn't the actual beta number because she did a quail and said that if it was above 2 then I was pregnant and if it was below not pregnant. IF that makes a difference.



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