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Kimi - October 10

i had 2 false positives with the Answer Quick and Simple early HPT. they were very faint positives but we are told that any positive is a positive. if you get a pos. result with this test i reccomend retesting with a different test also.


Kimi - October 14

has anyone else had problems with this test?


Lauren - October 15

I also had a false positive with this test- a very faint pink line. Then I went to the doctor's the same day for a blood test and it was negative.


Sara - October 16

Now that I read this I am worried.I have taken 6 of these tests all faint positives.Then yesterday I took 2 more and they were neg.Do you think 6 tests could be wrong??


karen - October 16

i also bought test off the internet and i got the line after 15 mins also. It happened to every test i took.. I would suggest not to use them.


Crystal - October 18

A very faint positive could be considered an evap line, and anything after 10 minutes is NOT reliable.


Kimi - October 21

2 of them were wrong for me, the line showed up within 2 min after urination i dont know about 6 tho. get a blood test


Renee - October 22

May I recommend using Clear Blue Easy? The one with the words that come up(Instead of lines) It says either Pregnant or Not Pregnant. I used it after two HPTs that were coming up faint. THen I confirmed everything with my dr. I'm currently 6 weeks into it and due in June.


sara - October 22

Well,the 6 pos tests were right but the dr thinks I miscarried and that caused the negs.My urine test also came up neg.She said I was definetly pg but she thinks I miscarried because of the neg hpts and when she did a pelvic exam she saw some brown old blood which she think is a sign I miscarried.I did a beta quant Thursday so I will get the results Monday.My heart is broken but I still have a tiny chance that the baby is ok.So I guess for me the tests were very accurate(unfortunately).


BUMP - November 1



Nicole - November 3

I too had 2 false positives with this test i would reccomend anybody who has used this test to try a different brand, i was so p__sed off and dissapointed good luck to everybody!


jenna - November 5

I bought this test yesterday and got a dark pink line and a faint pink line. I took it again tonight and got the same thing. I am 5 days late now but scared that I might not be pregnant. Will it be confirmed if I wait until Sunday and take the clear blue easy?


Michelle - November 7

I have never had any troubles with the Clear Blue Easy tests. I used them with both pregnancys and both came positive... good luck to all trying! I wish you well.


ME - November 8

Are you guys making sure that the line is there 48 hours later? Answer and first response are made by the same company and they both have problems with disapperaing positives. They say that a true + will stay for 48 hours so you must make sure that it stays. I had a false +. I read it within the 2-3 mins and it was a faint but definitly there 2nd line. I got excited thinking wowowww it has finally happened and then it started fading away, it took about 10 minutes for it to be fully gone. Since then i have taken 2 tests (a different brand) and they came up negative. The line can fade right away or it could hours later. I really suggest using a different test so that nobodys heart gets broken by thinking that they are when in fact they arnt. Goodluck.


Kimi - November 8

my false positives were there for days i know b/c i kept examining them with my boyfriend and my mom and my bestfriend like "you do see that right?" it was definately there and when the blood test came up negative we were so dissapointed! but im glad i started this series of posts to let everyone know about this test.


jenna - November 9

well just to let all of you know there is still hope, my faint line on the answer quick & simple test wasn't false.. I made sure by going to the dr. and they confirmed my pregnancy.


Michelle - November 9

Jenna~~ Congrats! Hope all goes well for you! Sounds like you really wanted to get pregnant!!



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