Beyond Pissed Off

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Destiny - May 18

hi ladies i dont know if im asking a question telling my story or just venting so please bare with me. my last normal period was feb 23rd for two months my periods have been light and short took many hpt's got negatives went to doctor still negatives want an ultra sound but the doc thinks im a freaking idiot and wont do one without a pos test. well this is month 3 and what do you know i actually have completely missed my period now. at what i thought would be 11 weeks my belly just popped out like a ballon and none of my bra's fit. so i took 2 more pregnancy tests got negatives. veins everywhere extremely exhausted no period bubble popping sensation and cramping in lower abdomen every once in awhile. I am 100& sure I'm pregnant. i have a hairy stomach and the brown line from belly button down. I'm just very p___sed off that i cannot get prenatal care just because these tests are negative. I've never been so sure of anything in my life. has this happened to anybody that later found out they were pregnant somehow? thanks for taking the time to read this


Elizabeth - May 18

I'm not in the exact situation but I know what your saying about the doctors office. I'm about 75% sure and I just went to my primary and told them I wanted a blood test. And I'm waiting for the results now.


Jenice - May 18

Hey Destiny! Just to let you know, I'm in the same boat. Well, sort of. I'm getting an ultrasound, on the 31st. I'll be 16 weeks without a period by then. I'm to the point where I can't wear any of my pants anymore. (my belly popped out too.) And still, no positive tests! Arggh! I'm feeling with you! And I'll let you know what the results are. :o)


Destiny - May 18

its good to know im not the only one. Jenice wow i can't wear any of my pants either. also i have a very deep innie belly b___ton and its beginning to be an outtie how weird? please remember to come back i would love to hear both of your results. good luck girls and hang in there.


Tiffany - May 18

I am so sorry you are going through this. I am too, "beyond p__sed off" and finally went to Urgent Care today to request a "qualitative blood test". My body is messing with me big time or I am pregnant! I will know more tomorrow. You can read the threads for "Ultrasounds Negative". There are several women experience the same thing. Hope you get some answers. I want them too. It would be great to hear from women who have experienced this and ended up being pregnant!


jennifer - May 18

hi destiny. im in kinda the same deal. I havent got a period since Mar 23. I took 4 htp all said negative. But I really want my period -mother of two kids so i know what the sympotoms are. But those Dr's are kinda Bull c___p and kinda scare to go cause i havnt got postives htp. Not scared of them but scared of telling them off. I already Know that they wont give me an U/S with a pos test. But these week Im been nausa of white mucus and headaches with No period . Good luck to you Destiny if you know you are keep at it only you know your boby not no doctor


Destiny - May 18

Tiffany I hope you find your answers soon its complete torture. im also sorry you have to go through this. let me know what your outcome is.


Destiny - May 18

thank you all. Jennifer i hope you get some answers soon these doctors are really just p__sing me off. they believe the tests regardless and make us think we are crazy. I can't wait to get some answers. let me know what your outcome is. good luck


.......... - May 18

period for 2 months your not pregnant..and the Linea Nigra usually appears around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.not after 11 weeks.


to ............... - May 18

i think i know my own body thank you


Yoli - May 18

Its amazing to read so many of the same threads going on, I dont know what it is with these Drs, but we as women pregnant for the first time or not know our bodies, but the Drs think they know it all...always remember they are just in the same boat too, cant b___ton my pants, look and feel pregnant, but all test negative..going back to the Drs next tuesday had to wait 2 weeks for all of my blood work he did complete profile, but get this he didnt even order a pregnancy test, the nurse came while the other nurse was drawing blood and said add this one just in case. Its so fustrating!!!!!


haha - May 18

pregnancy starts in your uterus not your stomach.


Catherine - May 18

Jenice, make sure you let us know what happens on the 31st!


wow - May 18

Destiny,, first off hon.. you really need to try and calm down, its not good for you or the baby.. second,, I really think you need to just go for a second opinion.. that doc doesnt seem to know what he is doing.. but to me it sounds like you have ALL THE SYMPTOMS... please go look for another doc.. and try to stay calm.. I am sorry your goin thru this.. Also to the person who just wantes to leave dots for their name.. for someone who is so loud, u sure dont have many guts do u.. keep your opinions to yourself.. she is coming here for comfort and advise.. not rudeness... if u wanna fight. join a gym.. otherwise.. hush.. BTW.. my name is Mary :) thank u.. and gl to you destiny


Destiny - May 18

Mary thank you so much i didn't mean to snap but im stressing so much and im trying not to but it seems almost impossible.


SAP - May 18

Just a word, I too had an episode when I did not get my period for an extended period of time. I also had symptoms of preganancy and got negative tests. Because I have had a child, I was convinced that I was pregnant. I was not. My body was going through a change in hormones that made me not get a period for a long time. I am not trying to be discouraging but I did want to let you know. If you continue to stress about the situation it will only serve to make your period even later if you are not pregnant. Best of luck!!


COLLEEN - May 19




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