Bf Still Period Hasn T Returned Maybe Prego

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Dancer33 - September 26

I stopped taking the mini pill two weeks ago, had s_x that night, and maybe ovulated the next day (had symptoms of ovulating). Because my period has not returned (my first is 10 months) I don't have any idea when I really am ovulating or when I would "miss" a period. I have taken a few cheap HPT, but all negative. I have had mild menstrual like cramps for the past two weeks, back aches, and been tired. It feels like my ovaries/uterus is very tender-all the time. The elastic on my underwear has even been bothersome. Does anyone know if these are pregnancy symptoms? How long after you conceive can you take the cheap HPT? I'm so confused since I have no schedule what so ever with no period.


kelbabe - September 26

it may just be withdrawral from the pill. i had this for 2 months! wait for the end of your longest cycle, if no af, then do a test. if neg, leave anothe week and do another. if neg again, see your doc.x x


Dancer33 - September 26

Kellbabe- You said to wait for the end of my longest cycle. Do you mean my period cycle? Because I still haven't had a period since having my baby 10 months ago. Do you have any suggestions on how to figure out about when I should be ovulating with no period?


kelbabe - September 27

it all depends - the pill you were on, did it mean you wouldnt have periods? if yes, then you will have to wait at least a month to get a period. if not then i suggest going to the doc for a scan and if you aren't pregnant, ask them to find out why you haven't had a period


Dancer33 - September 27

Kelbabe- Thanks for your advice. Because I am still b___stfeeding, I have been on the mini pill. I guess I just have a sensitive system. (My period stopped for 18 months while I was living out of the country a few years ago.) I though I was prego, but because of the neg tests, I am going to start over and try to figure out when I ovulate. I bought an ovulation kit yesterday and I think I will do it every other day to see when I ovulate so it doesn't cost as much. We'll see!



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