BFP At 6 To 8 Dpo Who Has Gotten One

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Mandy - September 19

did anyone get a ++ at only 6 to 8 dpo?? I have these test strips that measure 20MIU, and claim it can detect pregnancy as early as 6 to 8 dpo. Just want to see if anyone out there tried similar test, and got BFP?? Also, the test strips I have are not the drug store kind.


Julie - September 19

I have some of those, and I'm 7 dpo right now, and I got an extremely barely there line. Not thin... it's thick, but SO faint. I'm not counting it as a BFP right now. I'm just hopeful that it will get darker. I got loads of them, so I have been taking them everyday since about 3dpo just because I'm a test-a-holic and wanted to know if they had evap lines...and wanted to be able to know asap if I'm pregnant. I have vag. progesterone suppositories that I'm supposed to start using at the first positive test. So, hopefully it will get darker. This mornings was the first time there was anything this thick, that stayed there. I've gotten what I think are evap/shaddow ghost lines. But they are very thin and dissappear after awhile. My strips claim to test 5-25 miu...the official count is 20. But, some may be more sensitive than others. Good Luck!


bump - September 19



Julie - September 20

Well, I took one again this morning, and it's getting darker. So, I'm at 8dpo and I'm calling it a BFP!!! I'll keep testing everyday to make sure it gets darker. I also had a blood test done today, to check the quantative levels, and confirm the pregnancy. BABY DUST!!!


Mica - September 20

Ladies, caution. It is normal/nonpregnant to have hCG of 5 or less. These sticks could give false positives. Remeber the hCG doesn't start building up until AFTER implantation. And then it can take a couple of days for it to make it to your urine! That's why they say 10dpo is the SOONEST to get a BFP (even in the blood). Maybe you are pregnant, but be mindful of a false positive; this is soooo early. best to you!


Mandy - September 20

Congrat's Julie! That's great that you got a BFP! Now I will just wait a few days, and hope to get one myself.


Mica - September 21

Congrats Julie! hopefully you ladies will get the answers you want!!! I'm curious, Julie, did you get your blood levels?


Julie - September 21

I haven't gotten them yet. My doctor will hopefully call me today, or I'll give her a call. I'm supposed to go back in tomorrow. I got 2 more faint +'s this morning as well. So, if I'm not pregnant, then I'm totally banning all HPT's! BTW...all my test results from the past, and in research claim that a nonpregnant woman is less than 2 in her hcg count. That's what my doctor told me anyway. Anything over that, and I'm supposed to keep getting tested, to see if it's rising healthy (I had a m/c 8 weeks ago, and they're just being cautious...for my sake/sanity). Thanks everyone... I'll let you know what I find out. It is really early, you're right, so I'll be anxious to know if those tests are right or not.


Julie - September 21

*This is in reference to my above posting, about banning all HPT's... I say that because I took 2 other brands of HPT's this morning, in addition to a HCT test strip, and all were faint positives, so I really got 3 this morning. But, that's why I'll ban them all if they're not right! I don't really trust them. Baby Dust!


Julie - September 22

Well, I am pregnant. I confirmed it with my blood tests. The interesting thing though, is I was getting faint positives, and my blood tests that were taken the same day showed only 2.5 HCG! How on earth I got positives is beyond me. But when I went in today...2 days later...It was up to 15 HCG. My tests have consistantly been getting a little darker everyday. So, I guess those things really do work!


Mica - September 23

Julie, CONGRATULATIONS! You must be thrilled! That is strange about the urine test; they shouldn't pick up that low. 15 is good this early, definately pregnant. take care of yourself and your little one!


Julie - September 23

Thanks. I'm cautiously optomistic...just had a m/c a little over 8 weeks ago. Waited for one cycle, and bam! I sure hope it sticks. I'm having another blood test done tomorrow morning, and hopefully they will be even higher.


donna - September 24

Does anyone know at what point preg tests that read as little as 20 mIU/mL...can be considered accurate?? for example: at what point will a woman who is pregnant have to test ++ with a test of that sensitivity??


nikki - September 24

i have no idea what the deal is with hpts. My period is 9 days late. It has no cause to be late, with the exception of s_x with my fiance at the beginnig of the month. I have taken 5 tests all negative. I have several questions. We did not use a condom and i am not on the pill. Mr. Fiance fell back on the pull out method. It is it possible i could get pregnant anyway? Also, i know that my cycle ranges from 28 to 29 days , I have no idea when i ovulate, and my last period was on the 18th of August, is it fathomable that i am newly pregnant and that is why the tests are negative? i just graduated college and am not currently working, stress is not apart of my life at the moment, so i don't think that is the cause for the late period. this last couple of days i have experienced mild abdomen discomfort. I'm not worried yet, but i don't have insurance and if i am preggers then i need to confirm it with a positive hpt and blood test in order to get a__sistance. If i am not preggers then I will be worried becasue i have no way to pay for medical attention. As i am sure you all can tell by my confused mess of a situatioin I have no idea what to do or how long to wait before i should get worried. When does a negative really mean negative? should i a__sume that i'm not preggnant? What about the minor symptoms? Please feel free to give as much advice as you like. Thank you.


Angela - September 24

Julie, what brand are those test strips? I HATE waiting even though I can do it if I must! Also, were you prescribed the vag. progesterone suppositories or can you get those OTC? Thanks!


margaret - September 25

nikki- I suppose it could be possible for you to be pregnant, but if you are still getting negative hpt's 9 days after your period was due....the chances are slim. I say slim b/c there are those really rare cases where some women dont ever get ++ hpts when pregnant. I researched that, and it does not happen often, and they really dont know why, is possible. If I were you.....maybe wait a little longer to see if AF comes, and if you still dont get it....go to the doctor, and get a blood test, and tell her/him your symptoms. good luck


also...... - September 25

make sure you take your hpt first thing in the morning. If you are one to drink allot of water/liquid's....cut back for one day...b/c tons of liquid has been shown to dilute the HCG concentration. also, were you testing throughout the last nine days, or only once or twice? check the HCG range of the test you are using. all tests have a range of detectability (a minimum and maximum of HCG it can detect)....I dont know what strips you are using, but just check on that too.



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