BFP On Blood Test After 2 Neg HPTS

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Eek - December 19

I posted before under implantation bleeding...went in today to get a blood test...BFP!


Eek - December 19

More info... My cycle is very long (38-41 days) and I actually had taken a HPT (clearplan digital) last Thurs. and another test on Sunday (First Response Early...). Both were negative even though I took them in the morning; I didn't even get a faint positive on the First Response. But here I am with 31.1 HCG and 11 Progesterone! Here was my first post with my symptoms! Last month my cycle was 38 days; the month before that it was 41. I've NEVER missed a period on or off BC pills. I've been off BC pills since June. I'm 29. Using Clearplan Ovulation Predictor, we found that I peaked 2 days exactly two weeks ago this Thurs/Fri (Dec 1-2). So far, no period. Mild cramping, back pain, but only brown discharge...put tampon in expecting period, but only a very few streaks ranging from light to dark brown. No red. Lasted from Thurs. to Sat. Took Early Response HPT this morning, but no second line. Could my hormone levels still be not high enough? I was pregnant years before and realized it at 7 little period that time too I *think*.


MrsDick - December 19



ambrosine - December 21

did u have an ultra scan yet#??


Eek - December 21

Actually I didn't...they say I have to wait until my HcG is over 2000 and it was 31.1 on Monday. I just got blood drawn today again. But I've gotten my "bump" since Monday and had lots of back pain and b___sts are even bigger.


Crista LeMaster - December 21

I am 21 days late as of today. Scheduled a blood test for today since I have had 4 bfn's. After scheduling the appt., started to see faint signs only when wiping last night...but it was gone this morning. It has started very lightly again today...but not getting worse. I went ahead and had the bloodwork done. I will know tomorrow. I'm thinking no since I am spotting, even lightly, at 3 weeks over. Implementation bleeding wouldn't occur this late I'm pretty sure. Oh well...Here is hoping. Send some baby dust my way and I will keep you all posted.



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