Bleeding While Pregnant Could This Be Possible

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liz - August 19

i have had my period for 12 days now. i went to the doctor and a pregnancy test came out positive . i came home took another pregnancy test and it was also positive. how could this be possible?


vanessa - July 27

It could be, I would have my doctor run more test, Just to see if everything is o-k


Valerie - August 11

i am having the same problem as liz my 2 tests came out positive and so did a blood test but im getting my period what is happening


Prachi - August 19

Pregnancy Tests are based on HcG hormone levels in your Urine. If you had taken HcG injection to induce Ovulation or for any other reason then HcG level in your Urine would be high and it would give False pregnancy signal if Home Pregnancy Tests are used.


brucen - August 19

You can have what appears to be your period and still be pregnant. Some women have lighter than usual "periods" during the first few months of pregnancy, but they generally stop having them after the first 3-4 months. A normal period is a signal that your body is not pregnant.


Brown - January 24

is possible to have s_x while pregnant


CARRIE - February 13



Natalie - February 17

I am 4 months and I am bleeding brown blood. The doctor said, it was nothing to worry about, but im worried..


To Natalie - February 22

I wouldn't worry if you are 4 months. I know people who had spotting throughout the whole pregnancy. If you start feeling cramping or bleed clots go to the ER.


dyamond - February 27

im pregnant and i have been bleeding for 21 days now, the doctor said that im at the highest percent to be pregnant but im still worried should i be? sometimes its heavy and sometimes its light and i have no cramps.


D - February 28

hi... im the same i have been bleeding for 12 days now its been a very weird period.. a question to you all, has your pregnancy symptoms continued while you are bleeding?


Gemma - March 7

I am 6weeks pregnant and yesterday experienced some light brown bleeding. Has anyone ever experienced this? Me and my partner have been trying for years to get pregnant and now im scared of loosing the baby. Does anyone know the chances of miscarage when this happens???


maggie - March 15

im pregnant but i got my period and it lasted for 9 days except it stopped for like a whole day in between there and what happens is you bleed a little my sister was pregnant and she bled it wasnt like her period or anything and she lost her baby but she bled like twice and i've only bled once but just a little


amanda - March 22

when i was 2 months pregnant i started to bleed brown blood and my doctor said it was old blood from not having a period the month before


kendra - March 22

i am pregnant and i have been bleeding for seven days.


kendra - March 22

i am the same way


alicia - March 29

i think im pregnant and i have been having really bad cramping sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night hurting and i usually dont cramp while on my period that much. and i started for about an hour then it went away the whole day then the next day i was on it again lightly then the next it was not real heavy. just normal.. but i still think i might be pregnant.. is it ok to go ahead and take a test even when im bleeding or will it automatically come out negative since there will be blood on it?



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