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marium - July 15

i have been under stress alot just family stuff. im still a virgin but at times my boyfriend sticks it in and he doesnt wear a condom because hes argic to them. we had s_x june31st and last wedensday...last night i found blood in my panties so i thought i got my period but no. does that mean im pregnent? is their way to tell if im pregnent or just late on my period? is it to soon to take a pregnancy test? my boyfriend says i cant get pregnent because to get pregnent youe have to have SEX but he has been sticking it in... what should i do im soo worried.


SaraH - July 17

marium, you can probably take a test at this point. Normally they are accurate by now but not always, so a negative may not mean for sure that you aren't pregnant. But if you get a positive you’ll know that the possibility is that you most likely are. What I am most concerned with though is that you and your boyfriend don’t seem to understand the definition and the possibilities of what you are doing. You said you are still a virgin and that you haven’t had s_x, but you also said that he has been in you. If you're boyfriend has had his p___s in your v____a IT IS s_x and you guys ARE NOT virgins. The definition of a virgin is someone who hasn't had s_x. S_x is anytime a guy’s p___s is in a girl’s v____a. He does not have to ejaculate for it to be s_x. It is s_x anytime he is in you and you can be pregnant. Your boyfriend doesn’t have to come for you to get pregnant. Men “leak” a little bit of fluid that can contain sperm just from being turned on. In fact since you both are fooling around, it is even possible (although rare) for you to get pregnant without him even being in you. It is called a contact pregnancy and occurs when you don’t have s_x, but some of his sperm end up at the entrance to your v____a. The sperm could get there from him touching you after he’s touched himself or you touching yourself after toughing him. It can happen from his p___s just touching the outside of your v____a. The sperm can then sometime move all the way up into you and you can become pregnant. As I said, this is rare, but since you both are fooling around you need to understand the definitions and the possibilities of these things. You both need to be using birth control if you are going to be having s_x. You said your boyfriend is allergic to them, but there are some types of condoms not made out of latex. Also are you sure it is the latex he is allergic too and not spermicide? Many condoms are coated in spermicide (which kills sperm) so make sure that it is the latex and not the spermicide. There are also female condoms and spermicides you can use. Although for the sake of preventing STD’s the spermicid and such don’t work. If you guys are going to continue to have s_x, find someone to talk to about all of this. If you can I’d strongly encourage you to talk to your parents. If you are pregnant they are going to find out anyways and if you aren’t you need to find someone who will help you decide what to do about birth control. If you can’t talk to your parents than talk to a doctor or a school counselor, someone who can help you figure out if you are pregnant and also help you with the birth control issue. One last thing, you can go to a doc. and they can do a blood test of your HCG levels. This will tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not and can be done really early in a pregnancy. Since you are s_xually active, even if you get your period it would be a good idea to see a doctor anyways so they can test you for STD’s. You don’t have to have a guy ejaculate for you to get STD’s. So make sure you get tested. If you guys are going to continue being s_xually active you both need to educate you’re selves, and learn what risks are involved in being s_xually active. I hope this helps you a little and I hope you find out soon what is going on with your period and why you are late. Good luck.


SaraH - July 18

Sorry, when I said you could probably take a test now I didn't realized that you also said you had s_x on Wed. If you got pregnant Wed it would be to early to tell with a home pregnancy test if you were pregnant or not. If you got preg. in june though it would probably give you accurate results. Do you know when your period was due? Or when your last period was? The time frame you can get pregnant in is normally right in the middle of your cycle. So about 14 days (+ or - a few days) after the start of your last period. This is also about 14 days before the day your due to get your next period. So...if you know the dates of your period you maybe able to tell if the dates you had s_x were probably days you could get pregnant. This may give you a bit of an idea how likely it is you are pregnant.


flappergirl - July 29 are not a virgin. A virgin is someone who has never had a p___s inside her. so right now i don't know what you're doing...but if it's in's in there and that could count as motionless s_x...which probably isn't any good so i don't see the use. Go get a test.



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