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bekka - March 30

i just want to know if anyone has had a neg quantive blood test and ever find out that they were really pregnet .


summerlover - March 30

bekka, i would love to find out too. I hope someone shares.


Hayley - March 30

Hey Bekka ~ You know the last two days i've had 3 positive home pregnancy tests so this morning i go into get a blood test and it came back negative, my husband and I are so confused. I've been peeing like crazy, I have 2 kids and I know the feeling - but with a negative blood test I'm not sure what to think. I called my doctor and he said that he's never heard of that but the only explanation he could think of is if I was barely pregnant, like by a few days and maybe the urine test is just picking up faster than the blood. So I called back the lab and they said that blood tests are 99.9% accurate. I'm not sure what to believe. Any thoughts let me know :)~


Sarah - March 31

I did 3-home pregnancy tests and they all came back positive. I went to the doctor and had a blood test done, it came back negative. They called the lab and said I was borderline at 25. That maybe it was too early to detect.


bekka - March 31

hayley i was just wondering how long has it been since youve had you period


bekka - March 31

sarah how long was it that you hadnt had a period when u had the blood test done


Lala - March 31

Sarah, 25 means you're pregnant! Less than 5 means not pregnant. The only thing you need to do before celebrating is have your blood drawn again 2 days after the first to make sure your number doubles--so that you know it is a healthy early pregnancy. best to you!


Hayley - March 31

Hey Bekka ~ I was on the depo shot for 3 months - it wore off as of mid february and I was on my period off and on for the entire 3 months I was on it so I'm not sure. That's what so hard for me is that I don't have a normal cycle right now. I know that normally it takes a while to get preg after being on the depo shot - however, I was on the depo when I got preg with my son...why I got on it again, ? I don't know but I'm still confused and wonder if I am. The most confirmed one that I took was the Clear Blue Digital - said "Pregnant" but the others just had a real faint line. I also have been looking online and found out that I took a Qualitive blood test which is just a yes/no answer and what I need to take now is a Quant_tive blood test which I have to have the dr. order. Fun times :)~


Sarah - March 31

Yesterday was day one, missed. I had the blood test done yesterday as well. Never late. Maybe it was 5 she said and not 25. All I know is they called the lab back and they said I was borderline. What does that mean?


Sarah - March 31

I have the same situation as Bekka. I did a fact plus test. Results showed a faint line. Yesterday I did two clear blue Digital and they came back positive. However, it seemed to take a will for it to register both times.



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