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Brooke - January 24

For the past few weeks I have been feeling extremely tired, moody, nasea, cramps, bloating, flutters, frequent urination, dizziness, food cravings, thirsty, and sleepless. At the beggining of the month I had an irregular period. It lasted about a day. My body has felt different for awhile now, so I took various preg. tests. They all came up negative. However, womens intuition....I know I'm pregnant! I went off on of my medications because it can cause birth defects and I just wanted to be on the safe side. I had a blood test done today and it came back negative. Am I crazy? I just know I'm pregnant! I have read storied on here of negative urine and blood tests and still finding out later they were pregnant. What causes that? Any opinions out there?


Amy - January 25

It is extremely rare for a blood test to come up negative if you are infact pregnant. It is a one in a million kind of thing that would happen... and in those cases normally the test results were not done properly. If you are having all these symtoms something else might be wrong, you might want to get some more test ran to see what the problem is. Good luck with everything!


caring - February 1

Brooke ~ Amy is not correct. It happens to between 15 and 20% of women. Little research is done on pregnancies so the norm is all that is reported. I know a woman who had twins and tested neg until 6 mo's preg and still tested neg on a urine test. Amy is basing this off of the 80 - 85% of women who fit the social norms of society. Trust your body, while Amy is correct and it could be other things such as hormones, thyroid, diabetes and the list goes on. You would need to have all of those to create your symptoms. The odds of that are so small, I mean much less than a percent. The flutters, I call it the b___terfly feeling, many preg women get it early on, however it is not a clinical symptom because it can not be measured. Again, trust yourself and how you feel. Another explanation is a psuedo pregnancy. Good Luck to you and relax if you are then stress is BAD. ~ A friend who has been in your shoes....


Brooke - February 8

Thanks caring! I had a Dr.'s appointment last week and tested neg. The Dr. asked me a lot of questions and then gave me a physical exam. He was in a hurry cause he was running late but he said how would you feel about being pregnant. Then he said come back on the 16th for an ultrasound and he'll see what's going on. Soooo I have to wait!



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