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Jenn711 - July 17

Hey ladies, Im just wondering out of simple curiosity if anyone knows a lot about quant_tative blood tests. I know that they measure the amount of Hcg in your system, but is it possible for it to be wrong or inaccurate?? Can some women just not have a detectable amount of Hcg at all during a pregnancy or until a few months in? Has anyone experienced having a negative quant_tative blood test but still been pregnant?


lillybug - July 18

hey Jenn711 ~~~ its is possible for women not to get a positive until a few months into their pregnancy but the odds of it happening are slim. If you are getting negative results I would ask for an ultrasound to rule out pregnancy that way you can figure out why your period is late. For example. My cousins wife was getting negative blood test so after her being four weeks late for a period they did an ultrasound and saw a that she was pregnant. For four weeks they kept drawing blood and still negative. Finally when she was 4 months and 1/2 pregnant she got a positive results. Today she is 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and she still doesn't get a positive on home pregnancy test. Weird but possible


lizwicker - July 19

Here is my story if anyone can help me out or keep me up dated that would be great.. Its july 19th and i have not had my period since about the second week in may im not sure what day but it was inbetween the 12th and the 14th but i know it was really light and did not last more then 3 days.. norm is about 5.. i norm have a 28 day cycle give or take a few days sometime... i have been late before a week or two but never this late and i have never missed more then one period.. i have every preg symptom there is out there .. and it wont go away.. i belive i could be 9 weeks preg but it could be more then that... i have taken 4 at home tests and all have been negative but they were walmart and dollar store brand and belive they are just c___p... yet still i sit here right now sick as all get out... with every symptom.. my b___bs have not been sore till today! but now im gettin like a tingle in them...every one around me says i am preg.. the smell of everything makes me sick and i know its not in my head... i am goin to get a blood tests done but after reading so many stories on here about gettin back negative blood tests im now scared, cause i dont want them to put me on something and have it hurt my baby ah i dont know.. i just hate waiting .. im either pregnant or dieing, lol well it feels like that any way!



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