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Brianna - October 18

Hey yall! I'm so happy that on Friday the 15th, I finalli after almost 17-19 weeks of waiting, I finally went in for a quant_tive blood test! I know in my heart I'm pregnant. I just wanna ask that you alll pray for me and hope it's +!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll keep you updated and will let you now on Wedsday! I'm 16 and almost 19 weeks pregnant, gestational for this I know in my heart!!!! God Bless!


Daile - October 18

Good luck Brianna!!! Also, if the test is negative, make them do an ultrasound. My sister had a negative blood test well into her first pregnancy, so it is possible. It sounds like you'll be getting good news though!!!!


Brianna - October 18

Wow thanks so much Dail! I'm so anxious to hear the well expected news. I'm so excited because I know in my heart that I'm pregnant and geez I'm showing so much now too! I recent;y discovered that I have the linea nigera also. I don't don't if I can wait until Wedsday but I have no choice. Everyone that knows so far keep telling me not to stress because they all feel that I am and my friend that took me is already planning the baby shower and where to give birth and what names and gosh all sorts of other things. I'm not even trying to think negative though because I start to worry and I know that I shoul'dn't because everything is going to be alright and God is with me and He knows how much I want this. For anyone else who reads this please keep your prayers with me and I will also pray for you. I have so much faith that God is finally giving me the desires of my heart and it's going to come true! Wow I'm actually now starting to think about all this and I feel so overwhelmed by all the excitement. For God is with me and thine child for this I know. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for whoever has prayed for me or read this and may God Bless you all!!! I'm also, I forget to include, that I'm still having that very creamy, mucousy, white discharge which has been for almost 10 weeks straight now every single day and that how I intially knew even when all the HPTS were negative. Please respnd someone with positive remarks. ThX


???? - October 19

Hmmm, 16 years old and glad your pregnant i will surely pray for you....


Brianna - October 19

Well guess what everyone? My results came in early yesterday and they said I have to make an appoitment in order to receive them. Whish by the way I'm geting today. I'm so nervous that is all that I keep thinking about. Please pray for me and I'll let you know when I get back. I'm hopeful that it's positve because it came back early. WHy did it come back 2 days early? Plea__se respond any1!


lola - October 19

good luck make sure you keep us posted, Sometimes when the labs are not all that busy they are able to get the results back sooner.I will pray for you


Jo Ellen - October 22

??????????- i believe Brianna is referring to her gestational age.



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