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levi - May 5

has anyone ever had blue veins on their br___ts as a symptom and more noticeable bumps, but br___ts did not feel sore? I have the blue veins, but br___ts are not tender, but they feel very "squishy" inside. I hope that makes sense. Currently on day 51 no period, but neg. hpt's. had a physical before period was due, doc says i have low progesterone. i may need to go on clomid, but i'm still hoping i'm pregnant now. does anyone know if low progesterone is at all linked with low hcg not showing up on hpt's?


karina - May 5

Yes, I have that. And have had every symptom incl. movement for months now. I'm not sure why some women don't show up on tests, I've heard different theories, one being if you have a certain antibody in your system it negates all detectable HCG. All the best.


levi - May 6

thanks for replying karina. u have low progesterone to? have u had the blue veins symptoms as well? how about the squishiness of the b___sts inside. i can't explain it, it feels weird. i don't know what's going on. i have another doc appointment in 2 wks. if no period by then, i'm asking for blood test. so what's ur situation?


karina - May 6

I haven't had my progesterone checked, haven't gone to the docs yet...yes they're much more squishy and I can feel lumps in them, never felt that before. Also stinging sometimes, but not sore. Ciao bella.


karina - May 6

You can join our group if you like, we're under "Negative tests, botched ultrasound but feeling kicks" under this pregnancy test section.


zoelouise - May 7

Hi Levi... I think i am pregnant i was due on period 30th april .... But been getting symptoms past 3week.. I have gone up a cup size and have noticed blue viens very noticable and nipples darker and bumps covering plus my nipples have gone like saucers i have tried that many tests all which are Negative..!!!! I take a urine sample to doctors and get results tuesday if that comes bk negative though i want blood results because i have sharp abdominla pains on my left side which are concerning me... if you want to Join Our group you may COPY and PASTE this link and it will take you straight there GOODLUCK ((((HUGS)))))


Sandyyy - May 14

hi..i was pregnant nov 2004 but miscarried in dec.. started getting my periods twice a month..went for check up so doc said that i have cyst in my left ovary.. got it out after medication .. got normal periods for 2 mnths then no more periods.. the last af was on 7th JULY 2005 .. went to the doc after several HPT'S in NOV 2005 and found out that i have harmones prob.. she put me on progyluton for 4 mnths.. LMP was 26 March 2006.. now i m abt 8weeks late for my AF.. took 2 HPT'S .. big fat neagtive.. have some symptoms like.. backache.. started hating meat.. TEMP is raised to 98 degree always..CMjust keeps comin and going so does constipation.. and blue veins on my nipples not b___sts(sorry).. if i m preg then why negative HPT'S is it still too early to test?? can any one help me?with my 1st pregnancy i tested postive after 6 days.. plzz help.. can i be prego??? i m diein to be PREGOO.. have been married for 2 yrs now.. this will be my first child.. any sugesstions??



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