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CA - March 22

Hello. I would like to post my situation and get opinions from yall. Here is the situation I'm in: In DEC 04 Me and my gf had s_x and the condom ripped. So the next day I got a emerg. EC pill (Plan B) and she took it. She had her period (She normally has them early Month) a little late (1-2 wks late). So any who, lately she has been putting on weight (not alot) but noticable to me. She eats alot of junkfood, but I'am worried. She has been urinating alot lately and getting sick. So she took a test on her own and it was positive...I then bought 2 test and she took them a day later and they were both negative. So today we went to PLANNED PARENTHOOD and took another one. It was negative, but the doctor told her to come back later (2wks). She also gave her a depo-provera injection appointment card. She has been having her periods normally (every month, around same time). Preg. Test - (1) + & (3) - Symptoms - Urinating lot, threw up once Periods - Normal everymonth Other - Gaining a little weight (not alot) Should I be worried? what gives? Im really scared, more scared than her. Help


ca - March 23



strange - March 23

With Depo-Provera and the Pill side effects can include weight gain in some women. Plan B also causes Nausea. There's nearly a 100% chance that she's not pregnant if her periods are normal, regular, and on time. The body needs the uterine lining for the baby to start growing. As for the frequent urination, she may want to get checked for a bladder infection... left untreated they can lead to more serious problems. If you both REALLY do not want to get pregnant right now, I would definitely suggest the birth control pill. (I wouldn't go with depo, I had a bad experience). See a regular doctor either her family doctor or one at a walk in clinic and tell that doctor the symptoms. It could be something else entirely or it could be all in your heads, but better safe then sorry.


CA - March 23

Thanks strange, I'm just so worried. Im half way done with my degree and I want to get settled down (financially) before I start making babies. It just scares me, reading all these 10 (-)'s w/ EPT's and still a baby happens. I'm really going to talk to her about birthcontrol, or just stop having s_x all together. It's alot of DRAMA. It still bugs me that she tested 1(+) for one? and (-) for 3! If there was no(+) I wouldn't be worried. I love her, but I'm not ready for kids yet. Better safe than sorry ... any more comments?


CA - March 23

Another thing ... Yesterday she urinated and blood came out too?!? The day before, it stung while she pee'd. Are these symptoms of a urinary infection or preg? Also, we barely started having regular s_x (like once a day for 5 days), otherwise its once every three wks.



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