Brown Spotting Amp Pregnancy

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Rochell71 - May 10

Hello Ladies, here's the situation. I have a 28 day cycle and my period is on time everytime. Well I was due for my period on March 19, 2008. Instead I had some brown spotting that lasted from Mar. 16-24, only when I wipe. I didn't cramp like I normally do. I counted the 1st day I spotted so my next period should have started on Apr. 13th. well it didn't. I started spotting again on Apr.2-4. This would make me about 45 days late. I did 3 HPT's that came back negative and a quanatative blood test on Apr. 24 that was neg. My question is could I be pregnant. I don't use BC, just the withdrawl method. My fiance' and I have been together for 7 yrs.


Rochell71 - May 13

I meant to say I'm 19 days late. I also had some brown spotting when I wiped on May 2-4 now nothing. My b___st are full, smells are getting to me and I stay nauseous. I am also going to the bathroom a lot. My last normal period was Feb. 19-25.


haplymaried - May 15

Did you ever get your period? I have similar issues. I have had some brown spotting, b___st tenderness, fatuige, vivid dreams, and just a weird feeling... i took 5 pregnancy tests. The first one I took was several days ago and was slightly positive (very VERY faint line) and the rest were negative.... I hate being in limbo, dont you!? I just want to know, either way! Good luck to you!


Rochell71 - May 17

haplymaried, I finally got my period May 15. I went to the Dr. and he said I have a hormonal imbalance. He gave me a 2 month supply of ortho tri-cyclen lo to help regulate my period. I'm 36 and have not taken BC in years. If I were you I would make an appt. because a slight positive is difinitely a positive. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Keep me posted and good luck.


haplymaried - May 18

- i hope you correct your imbalance quickly!! Atleast you have some comfort in knowing wether you are pg or not. Are you ttc? I have not been to my Dr. as of yet. I am trying to hold out as long as possible to see if my period comes. I would hate to get myself all excited only to be let down by the Dr. My symptoms have gotten increasingly worse since last week. My b___sts are SO sore and swollen! It is quite painful... I am still emotional and have notice some slight cramping everyone once in a while....but I am still spotting (brown) off and on! It is just confusing the heck out of me! I hope these next two weeks go by fast! I just need an answer! OR A PERIOD!!!


Rochell71 - May 18

haplymaried we are not ttc but my fiance' and I wouldn't be upset if I did get preg. We just look at it like this: God doesn't make any mistakes and he doesn't put us thru anything we can't handle. I have two children from a previous relationship and he has three children from a previous relationship. I think he was a little upset when the Dr. said I have a hormonal imbalance. We tried to conceive 2 yrs ago but I had a misscarrige. I didn't know I was pregnant because I didn't have any symptoms. He was the one that was nauseous and gaining weight. I hope that your two weeks pa__s quickly and you get the answer you're looking for. Good Luck and keep me posted.


haplymaried - May 20

I went ahead and made an appointment with my Im not sure if this will help uncover the mystery! I am just ready to stop stressing and obsessing about this! Although.. at this point i think i may want to ttc!


Lizbeth89 - May 21

My last period was on march the 26 i still haven't gotten one till today may 21 but star it spotting brown when i go pee and tooken 4 pegnancy test and they are all negative mmmm if u find out whats wrong with u let me know cuz my doctors appointment is not till the 29 of may


Lizbeth89 - May 21

lol......ok i hadn't read all the answer just ignore my comment



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