Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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Isis - November 30

I'm experiencing brown spotting also at this time and frequent too. My stomach is also cramping, but my b___st aren't tender and I don't feel nauseous. However, you could be pregnant or you could be spotting if you had s_x as soon as your mentrual went away(not giving your v____a enough time to clean out)


t - December 5

hi everyone....this is my first time here and i think this is wonderful because i have a questioned and i really dont know what to and my husband just started trying this month. i usually get my period on the 27 day and after and im always heavy when i get it..i kinda got it on the 25th which is early and i was waiting for it to get heavy and it never did..nothing was and still is on the pad and its a little brown only when i wipe...this NEVER happens...i took a prgnancy test and it came out could i be pregnant?


browneyes2732 - December 7

hey with my third baby done the same way you test came back neg.even my blood test but i gave it another week and then they started showing up.i knew i was preganat.even after the dr told me i wasnt but just give a few more days.......


t - December 7

thank you brown did you know you were pregnant? did you get cramping or sore b___st?


Heather - December 8

Hoping someone can help me? We have been ttc for 4months. Previously I had been on the pill for at least 5 years. Although when comming off I had regular periods since well actually they have been heavier. But what is concerning me is that I was due to have my monthly on this monday it didn't come so tue morning I took a test and it was a veeery faint - tuesday and today wed, I have had some brownish color when I wipe. Not red as if I was bleeding, and not enough to even use a panty liner. and not every time I go to the bathroom. Could I indeed be pregnant? How long should I wait to test again? I'm very affraid of a - result. Help anyone.


HEATHER - December 9

Guess what!!!!!!!! I woke up this am at 12:30 with nothing on the tissue so I tested. IT WAS POSITIVE! So good luck to everyone! on to the next step for me. I cant fall back to sleep, so guess I ll do some research.


Confused - December 10

I began spotting almost 2 weeks before my period was due and I had 1 day of fairly constant bleeding (although it was reddish pink) then it stopped and I have now been spotting brownish for a few days and just began cramping today... I am not late yet. Is it all in my mind or is this normal?


Jana - December 17

I am also having brown spotting. I have been off birth control for three months. My husband and i are wanting to conceive but i haven't had a period yet. The last week i've had brown spotting. What does this mean?


kt - December 17

ok, odd question, but i had my period nov. 28, started my BCP, then when my period was over, it stopped for 2 days then i stated having brown spotting, its now dec. 17th and the brown spotting hasnt stopped and im having cramps. today ive had bad cramps, and im bleeding red, and its enough where i need to wear a tampon. is their a possibility i could be pregnant? someone please help me with this. thanx


Mel - December 20

Hi All, Great to hear your experiences. I'd be very greatful if someone could offer me some advise? My husband and I are trying for a baby. The first day of my last period was the 22nd Nov. We have been using ovulation tests and I ovulated on the 6th Dec. My period would have been due 21st Dec (tomorrow). (It is normally very heavy and regular). On Sat 18th Dec I noticed very light brownish/clear (spotting?) that has continued and I am still experiencing today. I only notice it when I wipe after using the toilet and it hasn't developed into a normal period.. Is there any chance that I could be pregnant? I have taken several tests , but they have been negative - but then it may be too early to show up? Any advise would be greatfully appreciated! Good luck to everyone xxx


thatone - December 20

I didnt have my period last month i started spotting on the first of dec. which stopped and then came back 2 days later and every since then i have been spotting but today the 20 i dont see nothing im not spotting anymore but the color is like a pink kind of off red color and its light and i have a yeast infection what should i do.


J - December 20

i just started taking birth control this month and took all of the active pills except 2 at end.i had unprotected s_x right after my period which was tues.(when my period just ended)and started taking the pill the previous sunday.the day my period was due i had brown spotting and it is very light with bad cramps.could i be pregnant or is this the cause from the birth control pills?


Jess - December 21

OK This is my first time here. Well I'm realy confused.....My last pms was the 6th of Nov. I have had pregnancy symptoms like nausea, tender brests, cramps, back ache and so on. I have took a few tests and all showed neg until I took one on the 19th that one came up slightly pos I barely could see it. So considering I might be preg. I went to the health department to get a test on the 20th that one came up neg. By the time I got home I was spotting brown blood....could my period be starting or can this be a normal in preg or can I be having a misscarriage. I am totaly confused and scared. I have 5 children and my youngest past away this past June from SIDS I want to have another baby but, I don't want another loss...Anyone have any symptons like this. Thanks for listening.


Jen - December 21

To J. By missing a pills from your packet it does cause very strange things. I would not think you are pregnant. When ever i had missed some pills sometimes i would bleed for two weeks straight or not at all. It is very weird. but definatly lots of cramps


Kelly - December 21

I was 4 days late for my period, so I took a home pregnancy test (Oct. 29) was negative. The following dayI had one day of spotting. I awaited my next period, around Thanksgiving, but it never came. My b___bs started popping out of my bras and I was feeling cramps like I was about to start. I took another home pregnancy test on Dec. 3. It was positive, so I took 3 more and they were all positive. I am I seven weeks pregnant or eleven? The doctor won't see me until Jan. 4 and is considering my one day of spotting on Oct. 30 to be my period! What's going on???


[email protected] - December 21

Dear K, and anyone else who's tests came back negative, but you still feel pregnant: Do you by chance feel pain in your left side? If so, I strongly insist you ask for (demand) an ultrasound, you may have a tubal pregnancy. True, when you're first pregnant, the growing uterus does seem to be on the left side and that's normal. But, if the doctor is insisting that you're NOT pregnant but you feel like you are, get an ultra sound. And if by chance you do have an egtopic (tubal) pregnancy, he/she will more than likely have to remove that filopian (s/p?) tube. As devastating as that may seem, God gave me 2 more babies though I only had 1 tube :-)



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