Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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[email protected] - December 21

Dear K, and anyone else who's tests came back negative, but you still feel pregnant: Do you by chance feel pain in your left side? If so, I strongly insist you ask for (demand) an ultrasound, you may have a tubal pregnancy. True, when you're first pregnant, the growing uterus does seem to be on the left side and that's normal. But, if the doctor is insisting that you're NOT pregnant but you feel like you are, get an ultra sound. And if by chance you do have an egtopic (tubal) pregnancy, he/she will more than likely have to remove that filopian (s/p?) tube. As devastating as that may seem, God gave me 2 more babies though I only had 1 tube :-)


Robyn - December 22

Hey Lost. I know exactly how you fell. I'm due to get my period the day after Xmas but last Sat I noticed some spotting. I was too early for my period which has always been like clockwork. I have continued to have brown spotting since but I took 3 hpts and they all came back negative. I'm thinkingit's too early to tell but I will go for a blood test after Xmas.


Toot - December 22

Im goinf through the same thing and I think I'm pregnant. Will let you guys know.


nat - January 10

hi ive had that brown spotting and im getting a few symptons like the ones when your abit worried coz im goin insain coz i keep thinking am i pregnant.


Trish - January 19

I am over a week late, with REALLY sensitive b___sts, and a lot of cramping. I have had a little brown spotting, but not much...I haven't really been sick or anything yet, but I am really confused because 2 pregnancy tests have said negative...but I know this is not normal for me. My husband thinks I should wait another week to see if I start before I go to the doctor, but I don't know what to do. I thought that the doctor could tell you absolutely from the blood tests, but after reading some of your messages, it doesn't sound that way.





meri - January 24

okay guys im a first timer for this... here is my story..ive had three tubes are tied... i was due for my period on the 24th (today) but i started bleed brown blood on the 19th... prior to that i was craving like i was pregnate... took a preg test, blood and urine and they we hurting on my back where my ovaries are..i finally stopped bleeding but im not sure what is going on and the dr does not know either... and also no one else has mentioned this but the blood had a horrid smell to it....enough to make you gag....imput anyone plz....thx


jan - January 24

Ive taken 3 hpt tests and all negative,but just now i discovered spotting.I have awful cramps and its not usually this bad as w/a period.Could i be pregnant?I have irregular periods,and the last one was in November,i think


Tonya - January 24

I have Been having a brown discharge on my panny liners in my underwear for about 3 days now, and it feels like my periods want to come on but it hasen't and i have been really irritated down there uncomfortable light cramps . i have lost track of my cycle but i think it is due to come on soon.i want to know what is the brown discharge i have only had that when my cycle goes off not before can you please tell me what that is?


ZiZi - January 30

Hello! This is my first time here. Here is my story. I've been trying to get pregnant for the last 14 months. Before that I was on the pill and this would by my first pregnancy. My period is been regular since august (27 days). For the last two months seven days before my period, my b___st increased in size and they were very tender. The first month I thought I was pregnant because my b___sts never looked like that, but I got my period. Very disappointing!!! Now my period is due next week on Feb 2nd, and my b___sts hurt and they increased in size again. This morning i had cramps and I thought my period was coming. I checked out and when I wiped there was brownish blood. This again never happend to me before either. I thought I got my period, but the cramps went away and there are no signs of my period coming at all. I really want to be pregnant...Do you think I am? Please pray for me.


worried - February 1

Zizi, like you I've been trying to get pregant for 1 year now.. THis months, my period is 1 week late, I did 2 preg. tests and they were negative. I am dissapointed .. I still have a feeling that I am pregnant. My period for the last 5 months were regular at 10 days cycle. pray for me too :(


ChromePrincess - February 2

I completely understand how all of you feel, I'm right there. Here's my story, maybe you can help ... I had my last period on December 29 (or thereabouts). Around December 19 I started spotting but didn't think much of it ... the first couple of days it was reddish-pink (and only appeared when I wiped) and then it was brown. About a week and a half later it stopped. I was due for my period about three days after it stopped. I never got my period. I maintained my birth control pills the whole month of January, didn't miss one ... so I can't believe I would be pregnant. But since reading some of this stuff I've noticed the spotting is a symptom. Also, I've started craving salty foods in the last two days (and I usually don't like salty foods) as well as chocolate (that's a normal PMS symptom though). My gums started bleeding two days ago (which, until today, I didn't know could be a symptom) ... and I've been overly tired lately ... but beyond that I haven't had any symptoms. I've taken three HPT and all were negative. I'm going to try tomorrow morning (I've heard testing in the morning is better) ... could I be pregnant or is it all in my head?


ChromePrincess - February 2

Ooops, typed that wrong ... I started spotting on January 19, not December. My bad.


a - February 2

i think it sounds like you are pregnate


Sue - February 3

My friend is concerned that she might be pregnant but is not sure if she is. She's been have brown discharge when she wipes(slimy). Her b___st are tender and she has been having an upset stomach often. Are these signs of pregnancy or just stress


Farah Deeba - February 4

Hello....I am a perfect 27 day cycle woman, but this month 4 days b4 my due date I had slight brownish spotting for 1 day. I dont want to get pregnant but the sites say that brown spotting at the time of due date is a sign of pregnancy albeit that i have no symptoms of pregnancy



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