Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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shirleyshirley - December 29

Hello kerrykins86 sounds to me that you might be pregnant because you've felt nauseous. Have you taken a pregnancy test though? The last time I had my period was on 20 Oct, approximately two months after I got off from birth control pills. And now no period nothing, the brown discharge has stopped also. Oh by the way, my s_x drive has gone very low lately. This is quite surprising to me as I always felt h__y before.


treeki - January 13

hi i was wondering if anyone could help?me and my fiance have just started trying for a baby,we had s_x alot throuhout my fertilaty days and the last few days ive bin feeling quite sick had headaches bin sooo tierd and for some reason quite hungry aswell,also today i noticed some brownish blood but i only noticed when i went the toilet,its not alot and then when i wiped there wasnt any blood just a light pinky not due on till monday.anything will be helpfull,thanks xx


krupa13 - February 9

my husband and I had s_x pretty much right during while I was ovulating, a few days later i had some "spotting" or light pink blood spots. My period wasn't supposed to start for a few more days. Could this be implantation bleeding and mean i'm pregnant??? thank you


krupa13 - February 9

my husband and I had s_x pretty much right during while I was ovulating,a few later i had some "spotting" or light pink blood spots for 2 days and on third day little blood. My period wasn't supposed to start for a few more days. Could this be implantation bleeding and mean i'm pregnant??? thank you


mizztiff25410 - April 6

i am a whole month late for my period i was due to come on between the 15&22 and i didn't come on at all but this month which april and i've came on on the 3rd light pinkish bleeding but with backaches and headaches and now its only 3days later and i'm spotting brown my period never have been missed before only when i was pregnant with my 9yr old, i took a pg test on the 31st of march and it was a negative could i be pregnant? someone plz help


onlywithtimothy - April 9

i am not late for my period, but about 2 weeks after my last period i started spotting brown. I thought that it was just old blood, that is what everyone kept telling me. Now im due for my period in the next week or so and ive started spotting brown again. I dont know if I should go ahead and take a test just to see or wait it out. any help?


DorkyMe - April 12

Hello everyone..My last period was the last week of January...As of right now i am spotting...I don't even see the color red..All i see is the color brown..My husband and i have been married for 5 years now and we don't even use protection. There has been many time where i missed my period and think that im prego...But my testes comes out Neg...I believe this is the first time i spot before my period..Usually i will spot after my period..Can someone please help me..what should i do..


Sarallo77 - April 24

Hi I'm actually a guy and my gf has something simular to the original post. We put her on the nuva ring and she was on it only two weeks before she was supposed to get her period. We had unprotected s_x after the first week of being on the ring and she's now she's a few days late on her period. The thing about her is her cycle has never changged no matter what even last time when she was on the pill it didn't change so were kind of worried about her being pregnant and I was wondering if anyone could help us out...?


Squatu - May 4

To those who may be reading.... I've had unprotected s_x with two partners. I was with the first one for 4 years and was on birth control the entire time while he often times did not pull out during orgasm, and although I had delays on my period I had never experienced true baby scares. I went off the birth control and just recently got back on it 2 weeks ago and am having unprotected s_x with my by now, fiance. So far I've had what seems like 3 baby scares but this is the first that it is truly worrying me. My period should have come sometime between the 14th and 17th of April and is still not here. I just recently started experiencing periodic brown spotting and yet I am not experiencing any other symptoms. Other than spontaneous almost cramp like feelings in my abdominal area and somehow I think my b___sts are larger. Any ideas? Could I truly be pregnant?


LovePoohBaby - May 6

im confused and dont know wat to think,ii feel as if im pregnant but im not sure,ii go 2 the docter 2morrow and 2dayx ago ii jux started 2 bleed but it was a brownish color n it wasnt alot im a pad girl ii hate tampons but ii used 1 just 2c how much blood it was,ii used 1 and it was jux spottin around the tampon and it wasnt alot then the next day it stop.ii was chasing my bf cousin around and ii started 2 bleed again now it was red and it was a little more den it was the day b4 but it was at night so ii took me a hot bath and use a tampon again the next mornin*today* ii took it out and it was BROWN n not alot at all and ii bleed heavy.ii been haven pragnancy symptoms,3weekx ago ii woke up 1 mornin wit a real BAD cramp and it lasted threw out the whole day and on top of dat ii had the runs,b4 that day ii usually be consipating,also one night ii woke up out of no where wit this BAD knot feeling on my right side of my stomach and it hurted sooooo bad,ii have been really nausea and from being nausea only throw up in my mouth a couple of time,ii been haven headaches,it switches back n forth to the right r left,ii've been haven little mild cramps like,ii just started haven dis light brownish like period a couple dayx ago my sympthom been goin on for almost 6 weekx


Miranda18 - May 25

Okay me and my bf sorta had s_x on saturday night and he didnt c_m at all or anything and he didnt put it in all the way. I was on my period before we started and I wasnt bleeding during. We didnt go all the way it was just for a little bit. In the morning i had no period then in the afternoon i got brown stuff then it went away. Then today (monday) i got some more brown stuff but it only shows up when i put a tampon in. Please tell me whats going on?!! IM still a half virgin!!


hailie2004 - June 26

Ok I have a question if anyone could help. I am on birth control pills,my period is due around mon or tues of this week coming up. This past monday night I was experiencing cramping during the night..which has never happened. Then on wed I was cramping again and had a very slight pinkish wipe after going to the batheroom. Thurs night I starting getting a brown discharge..enough to wear a pantiliner and I am still having brown discharge? My period is not due like I said until prob tues and have continued taking my pills-tonight is the last one. What could this be from???


SLW - August 4

I switched birth control from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo to Loestrin 24Fe. I had been on the Ortho for 5 years, I began taking Loestrin on June 20, 2010. I was due for my period on July 17, 2010 but it never came. I took a pregnancy test on July 18 which showed negative. I also took one on July 31st which would have been 2 weeks after I missed my period. Test also showed negative. Now at 2 weeks and 4 days after missing my period I went to restroom and when i wiped there was brown discharge. I only experience this brown discharge when I wipe. I have had slight brown discharge today but not with each time I wipe. I have never been late nor had the brown discharge mid cycle. I do have unprotected s_x and my husband does ejaculate inside me every time. Any advice anyone has will be greatly appreciated. Im confused!


nicolax - August 6

Hi folks, well hwere is my story advise would be great,Me and my husband TTC our 2nd for 10months now, My LMP was the 1st May and they are always regular (28-30days) and last about 4 days. Iv been to the doc lots of time done HPTs all negative. had bloodwork done 12th July came back negative too, then the doc checked my hormone levels which showed my progestrogen level on the borderline level, so awaiting a scan. But on 31st July had a little brown spotting on underwear and thought was ma period, so put pad onand nothing the next morning. Then on 2 Aug had light pink which i only saw when i wiped at the toilet ot enough for a pad adn the same again on the 3rd then stopped. Im wondering if its implantation bleeding but dnt want to get my hopes up. Done another HPT on the 5th but BFN so i dont knw if its to early to tell or what?? soo confused!


alin - August 10

Hi all, my period was late for 19 days now. My period was always regular (26-28 days). But after taking clomid, the cycle went up side down and this killing me! And this is my 3rd cycle with clomid. i have done 2 test (1st on my 1st week and 2nd on my 2nd week late) but the result still negative. The date i should get period, i get brown spot on my panty but not for long but i notice the brown spot only when i wiped. Been on light-headed, nausea, bloated stomach and sometimes mild pain on my left abdominal. Going to see Dr tonight, don't want to put too much hope as it has dissapoints me too many times. Bet the Dr will give -ve result and this is due to the clomid side effect (but deep inside i'm hoping this is part of the pregnancy syndrome!!!) wish me the best!


missjas - August 23

Hi all, my last normal period started on the 30th June 2010 and finished the 7th July 2010. I had unprotescted s_x on the 9th of July just 2 days after my bleeding stopped. Ive been told that was one of the best times to fall pregnant. Ive had symptoms like nausea, headaches, heartburn, urinating alot, abdominal cramps, b___sts have been a bit sore, bloated stomach,lower bach aches, ive put on 2 kgs in this tme and i dont usually put it on that quick, dizziness and fatigue. I am now 3 weeks late,i have taken at least 10 at home hcg tests and they all show negative, i went to a after hrs dr on wed he said i had a bladder infection and had to see my dr about why im late. My dr did a urine and blood test and sent them to the lab on friday, i got my tests back today and they are all negative, it even showed that i didnt n dont have a infection. I woke up this mornin and noticed that i had a bit of spotting. it wasnt much just a tiny bit. im unsure on wether its my period coming, if i cud be preg n the tests havnt picked it up or if its somthing else. I still have all the symptoms and it even hurts to put pressure on my tummy. Im going back to the dr on wed and asking for an ultrasound..



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