Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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starmoon - November 19

So I went to visit my bf at the begining of november I had gotten my period the month before oddly enough for the past maybe 3 months I would get it at the end of the month going in to the next month well I didn't get it at the end this time while I was visiting my bf after about a week I started spotting that was like on the 7th of november the spotting was brown and its now the 19th n still spotting does anyone know if this could be I'm pregnant? I'm nervouse cuz i really wanna be pregnant ....please let me know anyone


tinyjoyce - November 21

Hi again, thought id keep you updated, i didn't get pregnant last month, the spotting was just a period, grrr... Im now on day 13 of my cycle and ovulated yesterday, we have had lots of s_x so hoping it work's this time! Will keep you updated, I was surprised I ovulated so early so maybe i have missed my ovulation day's previous month's, well i know i haven't missed it this month, so finger's crossed and good luck to everyone trying! xxx


Bambi0614 - November 30

Ok so im 20 years old i have a 2 year old daughter and my period was due around Nov 23. It has ALWAYS came within the most 2 days of the expecting date but i have not gotten it. i've been nauseous and vomiting a lot lately. i always have cravings for different food and all i want to do is sleep. i was at the drs on Nov 24th and they did a pee test and it was negative but i have a gut feeling that im pregnant. idk if its the mother instinct in me or what that makes me feel like this. Today i went to the bathroom and there was a small amount of reddish/brown blood on the tissue. i dont know if its the beginning of my period or just some pregnancy spotting. i feel very upset and confused and overwhelmed because i dont know for sure. i have another dr app this coming wednesday on dec 1st so i will ask for another test and possibly a blood test. i just need someone to talk to me about this and tell me what you think. please.


aaf - December 6

dmdavidenko: Your story is inspiring...I'm 35. My husband and I have been ttc for over 2 years. Your sept 30 post is exactly what I'm going through right now. Took Clomid and had 3 healthy follicles and all 3 of them released an egg. I'm supposed to start my periods today but all I'm getting is brownish discharge when I wipe. I took a hpt 5 days ago and it was negative. I'm hoping to be as lucky as you. Wish me luck.


openarms - December 14

hey anyone with any advice, I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first on oct 6th and I went in for my ultra sound and they told me the babies heart beat was no longer there. It broke my heart, the baby wasnt planned but im a mom at heart and was happy and content with my pregnancy. They did a D&C immeditaly after becuase the baby had died two weeks prior and still wasnt misscarrying properly they call this a missed misscarriage. I got suregery the next morning and also got the implanon put in. I Had my first reg period on nov 11th it was jusst like how it always is exaclty on week to the T and some light brown at the end. Im not exact on this but I think on the 6th I started getting this dark spotting, I could use half a tampon and still not use the whole thing in one day ha even though I didnt do that. Its been going on for a week along with sharp cramping I had off and on when i first got pregnant..should I go to the doctors? Please help!


sarahqueen - December 14

so sorry about your miscarriage openarms. how long are your typical cycles? you could be having a long period or from what i've read it sounds as though it could be implantation bleeding. If you are having sharp or painful cramping, you should probably see your doctor. Every woman is different, and i'm not a professional by any means, but hope you are okay. I started my cycle on nov. 9th and have not had a period since, tho i normally have longer cycles. I had very very light brown spotting on the 16th with slight cramping...I think I may too, be pregnant but have had negative tests (last one on the 12th. Possibly too early to tell??


candykane - December 14

hello everyone i have a problem ok i missed my period for oct and my sept period was odd to m it 1st came on with brown spotting for like a week then 2 days of pink spotting. missed oct the november the period was funni again i have brown spotting for like 2wks no blood really until last day. i took 3 hpt n oct all negative. i went for a blood test it came back neg also went to the doctors she didnt even examine me just said think u have a uti and sent me on my way. now its dec and i have been spooting brown only wen wipe very lightly for at least a week now wit light cramping wat could this be and i cant see the doctor until 2 weeks from now..wat should i do???


openarms - December 26

Hello again, sorry its been so long the holidays are crazy. So the brown spotting constantly still hasnt stopped, but today it turn into blood and tissue clots that are tiny, im getting worried now. I think ill call my doc tomorrow and see what they say and ill take a pregnancy test just in case tonight. to sarah It might be too early im not sure, i found out when i was 3 weeks and 3 days after my last period. it happend quick for me to find out. But my mom it took her body 2 month to signal anything


Saleen - January 2

ok so i found out my ex bf lied to me about his age told me he was 25 found out he is 29 im 19 and i ended the relationship because of this lie and we have had unprotected s_x many times and i know he has came in side me and im now having brown spotting on and off and i was on birth control but not really taking it like i should so i am currently not taking it i took a test this morning which came out neg. could i still be pregnant i dont really have any symptoms beside some thoughts and smeels of food make me nauses and ive been tired could i be pregnant please any advice would help and would be highly apperciated, thank you


ashh - January 3

Hello all & Happy New Year! I have never posted like this before so bare with me. My period is over 2 weeks late. I had my last period Nov. 23rd 2010. During December, nothing. I didn't even realize it was late until 6 days ago, when I spotted lite once. Now 6 days later, I spotted again only this time VERY lite brown. For the last few months my periods having me irregular for some reason. They are usually like clockwork, but now I can't even tell when it's coming & it slipped past me that I didn't even have one in December... My husband & I have have been TTC for about a year now. It seems hopeless & maybe all this is due to stress.. Any advice would be great! :)


ashh - January 3

Hello I am back! Just took an EPT & it came back positive! :)


openarms - January 3

Ashh! When you find out tell us how for along you are!


ashh - January 3

I found out today around 3 pm! :) I'm about 5w & 6d. I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow morning to really nail down the due date & such! I'm sooo excited!!!! Beyond excited!





openarms - January 5

I would wait another week then test. or get a blood test. UPDATE: The spotting turned into light bleeding. Along with my breat in pain and growing sickness and other things. Ughh Im calling the doctor next week if it doenst stop. Anyone have any I could be pregnant im still having s_x.


linet - January 21

I am 19 years old. And I have been incredibly regular for almost 2 years now. I have been with the same guy for 3. I have a mirena iud for a year and a half. November 2010 my period came 2 weeks late. December I had the brown stuff and also now in january. I am a little on the bigger side. I havnt noticed any changes in my body except for some tenderness in my b___bs. Also I had really horrible throbbing like pain in the area of my ovaries a few days ago.I very rarely got cramps. I have a gyn appoinment on the 9th but I was wondering if anyone had some info. Please help!



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