Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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linet - January 21

I am 19 years old. And I have been incredibly regular for almost 2 years now. I have been with the same guy for 3. I have a mirena iud for a year and a half. November 2010 my period came 2 weeks late. December I had the brown stuff and also now in january. I am a little on the bigger side. I havnt noticed any changes in my body except for some tenderness in my b___bs. Also I had really horrible throbbing like pain in the area of my ovaries a few days ago.I very rarely got cramps. I have a gyn appoinment on the 9th but I was wondering if anyone had some info. Please help!


linet - January 21

Well I got what seems to be my "period" I got the red blood. Its pretty heavy. I'm very confused. I havnt been under a whole lot of stress or anything like that. Let's see how long this lasts.


katy6708 - January 25

Hello. I am 20 years old. I am in a huge pickle right now. I Might be pregnant. I had s_x almost 2 weeks ago. I Just have this I know feeling. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they have all came back negative. i took a blood test today and will know tomorrow. i still think this is all too early though. i was a week late on my period and when i started it was just spotting and brown and pinkish discharge..that has NEVER happened to me before. EVER never been late or had light bleeding in my whole life. i am experiencing fatigue, LOSS of appet_te, nausea, NIPPLE soreness, going to the bathroom alot more, and sharp pains in my stomache sometimes. i feel really bloated and full i guess u could say..i have never been pregnant before..i am scared and i need some advice..


sugawattie - January 27

I am TTC#1 after suffering two pregnancy loss. lost 1st pregnancy mar 08 and lost 2nd pregnancy dec 09. both times i had spotting but it was pink. Normally have clockwork cycle but since Nov cycle has been irregular. recently started brown spotting a few days ago, mixed with what I a__sume to be a light menstrual flow. it is alot lighter than my normal menstrual but is red so i thought regular period. i have no other symptoms at all. no sore b___bs, m/s, or fatigue. i dont even feel pregnant. i just want to be pregnant. i have been with my partner for 8 years and i feel like he is growing tired of me because i havent given him a baby yet. i even think he is going to leave me soon. he knows about the miscarriages but i feel like he just thinks i'm a failure. i just dont know what to do if im not pregnant this time...i want a baby so bad but its just so hard for me to get and stay pregnant. i just want to be able to show him i can get pregnant and then maybe he'll marry me. i know that probably sounds stupid to some people but i love him and he's the man of my dreams.


sugawattie - January 27

here we go again. AF came on strong when i woke up this morning so I guess its a bust. I think the reason I have been having all this weird spotting must be due to all the stress im under. its the ugliest catch 22. stress keeps u from getting or keeping a healthy pregnancy, and not being able to get pregnant and loss is one of the biggest stressors a woman can have. i know god has a plan for me i just wish the road wasnt filled with tears. For those of u trying, u are not me. just because im not pregnant and i had brown spotting doesnt mean you are not pregnant. EVERY and and mean EACH woman is unique and so is her flow. so just watch what u know for u. i think BROWN spotting with no red might be a positive sign, because when i miscarried both times, the spotting was never brown, it always started out pink, and then led to clots, some foamy-looking gray stuff, and of course unbelievable heavy bleeding and the WORST imaginable cramps i have EVER had in my life. so be strong, because u are an inspiration to me. i guess i want a baby so i can feel like i have someone to be close to, unconditional love. i guess its just not my turn this time around. but one day it will be.


TooYoung - February 5

Im scared i may have suffered a miscarriage, i had light pink spotting at first and then it became heavier but still not enought to be mi regular period. That went on for a day and after i had light brown spotting. i took 3 test and all came back negative but i have cramping and feel sick and tired almost all the time. Has anyone else had this problem?


amndeep - March 11

After reading all the comments, I feel like I am pregnant now but I want to tell my story. Here we go, from 2010 to Jan 2011 (13th Months) ---- each & every month I spotted brown instead of having regular period. But pregnancy tests always come out negative, even after seeing the doctor also test turn negative. I was so disappointed, after telling this story to my doctor. He suggest me start medicine after complete the medicine course for 2 weeks, I start having my period back on track. I have my period 13th Feb – 17th Feb, Me & my husband has intercourse during my period time. When I told my doctor that I am back on my period again, then he suggests me to start taking Diane 35 pills to complete 3 courses. I have just finished 1 course of that pill. But 8th March until now I am spotting brown & I am getting all sign of pregnancy like nausea, tender b___st, cramps. I have no idea what is going on with me. Please suggest me something, should I take the pregnancy test again or should I wait.


sugawattie - March 11

i think u should give it one more week and then see. until then, u know the rules- treat ur body like a pregnant body, be healthy but most of all be sublime! babydust to u.


amndeep - March 13

I am really worried now, starting from 10th March until today every & only morning time I spotted some red color blood mix w/ pink color blood (only I Wipe with tissue when I go to washroom) after then whole time only spotted brown color blood. Now my period is 2 days late. I really don’t understand. What is happening with me? I have already complete 1 course of Diane 35 medicine & next course I will start on 22nd March, until then no medicine this is what doctor has describe me. Please someone can suggest me something; I have been spotted brown blood (Only I wipe with tissue) since 8th March. I really don’t know what is going on. I still get all the symptoms of pregnancy. Should I still need to wait pregnancy test or I can just do the home pregnancy test at home today. Please can anyone suggest me something; I am really worried about the pregnancy.


amndeep - March 15

Updated I got my period today but the flow is very light. I have done home pregnancy test today but result come negative. But I am still getting all the pregnancy symptoms. I really don’t understand what is going on. Should I consult the doctor? Please suggest me something.


cl93 - April 3

So i am now 14 days late for my period and i am having all the same symptoms of pregnancy i have taken 5 pregnancy tests all negative and one with a faint line. I had very little light pink spotting today could i be pregnant ??


MandyJSD - June 17

My husband I have been TTC for 3 months now, but I'd been on several forms of bc for several years so my cycles are irregular. My dr has put me on progesterone and clomid to help regulate my cy le and increase our chances to conceive. This month I'm supposed to take only the clomid on cd3. However, I'm getting brown spotting with varying degrees of heaviness. Sometimes I can go most of the day and not notice it in my pantiliner or when I wipe. Other times it can nearly fill a pantiliner. So far I've only seen a hint of pink throughtout all of this. I'm due to start on Sunday, but don't want to be late to take my clomid (Sunday would be day 6 of this). I've taken 3 hpts, all negative. I'm not sure what I should do? Suggestions?!?!


tinibear8107 - July 14

hello, i have a question. i started my birth control pills a month ago and already had my period when i was supposed to...well yesterday i started to have brown spotting, and its not even time for me to have my period yet. what does this mean? can anyone help me?


KALizzy - July 26

I have symptoms of bein PREGO like feelin exuasted, bloated&constipated,:)no tenderness n b___st bt my stomach has a WEIRD feeling to it plus bad cramps, OUT of NOWHERE I'm TTC bt I'm scared To exercise which iz a everyday thing.I stopped useing BCpills on the 18th of july because I missed 3ToO Many, lastnite I used the bathrm an I noticed my undies wz wet& I dint kno it then the next morning[today] I haD BROWN SPOTTING(unusual for me) when I wiped,..I'm concerned becuz I don't wanna over work myself as I have miscarried[3 once b4 PLZ GIVE FEEDBAk if u can:)


Piinky - August 2

- Hey Im New To This & I Need Some.Help... Im 18 Years Of Aqe, I Did Try Gettinq Preqnant With My Boyfriend Like A Month Aqo But Nothinq Happened So We Didnt Try Anymore.. So Now Since My Period Came Last Month On The 30th & Ended On The 5th Of July, I Was Expectinq Another Period July 30th But Now Im 5days Late & Idk What It Means.. I Been Gettinq A Lil Brwn Discharqe Even When I Whip My Self. Can Someone Please Help Me??


Piinky - August 2

- My Period Is 5days Late & Today Makes It 6.. But I Woke Up To Use The Bathroom & Take A Shower Then I Noticed A Biq Brown Stain On My Panties.. Kind Of Looks Bloody But Brown.. & Wen I Whipped My Self Nothinq Was Really There Just My Pee Stain.. What Is That????



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