Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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savannah - March 20

if you keep thinkin that you are pregnant they say that the symptoms all go along with you as long as you think that you need to take your mind off the pregnancy issue and if the symptoms keep reaccuring then maybe you have an std or an ulcer


lou - March 21

hi everyone, after reading all of this im really confused as well. i came off my pill in the new year to try for a baby, jan period was light but on time,feb was light but on time but this month it was on time but it only lasted 1 day and a half very light then 2 days of nothing. now all weekend ive been experiencing brown spotting hardly nothing but not period. id did test but said neg :-(, could i still be?


Britany - March 21

I think that maybe you are. This has never happened to me, but i have a lot of friends that it has happened to so i think that it is a large possibility.


Margarita - March 22

We made love on the 11th day (my cycle is 28) and I am expecting my periods tomorrow. But I had brown spotting on Friday evening (18th) and Saturday, on and off. This evening (21st), I really thought my periods would begin, because my stomach felt tight, with a slight pain for 2 hrs. I am wondering and praying that I am pregnant. I am getting married in 4 months and we would love a baby!!


To confused - March 22

We are in the Exact same boat. I had a light positive on an Answer HPT 3 weeks ago. Then all negatives. Even when I went to Docs got a negative. I have all the sypmtoms too. I guess we'll play the waiting game girlie! Keep me posted!


Margarita - March 22

As I mentioned earlier, I had brown discharge on Friday evening and a little more on and off on Saturday. My menses were due today, so I gave up waiting and did HPT. I couldn't believe when the First response kit showed positive, since it had to tests, I repeated, again, two clear pink lines. So I went and bought clear blue, and there was a clear blue plus sign! I am waiting for my doctor to book me an appointment, and I am praying that this is a correct positive and that all will go well. Ladies, I know we are all anxious, lets keep hoping up and pray for the best.


Araceli - March 22

hello to everyone, i am so confused also, but reading all of your stories has helped me and has giving me hope. I had may tubes tied four years ago. I left an abusive relationship and found the man of my life. he we want a baby so bad. we were even planning to have a reversal done but they r so expensive. i have never missed a period unless i was pregnant. in february i had a normal period heavy like always. i have not had one this month so far. on friday i started getting pink spotting and it turned brown saturday i still have it. two or three weeks ago my b___st were so sore that they hurt bad. i have been having all the symptoms of being pregnant but i took hpt and it was negative. i am afraid that the sypmtoms are just in my mind. please help pray for me so that I am pregnant. Thank you all.


Wendy - April 2

Well I am not late yet but think I might be pregnant. I have sore b___bs and I started spotting brown today but only when I wipe after using the toilet. My husband and I have been trying for 8 months with no luck. I took and ovulation test and it showed that I ovulated about 10 days ago. That means I shouldn't get my period till next week. I hate the waiting and I got really upset today when I started spotting. Do you think I might still be pregnant? Please help me


Alicia - April 2

I am freaking out here as well. I am on the BCP and last month I didn't have my period, so I took a PT is was negative, I continued taking my pill, about a week or two ago I started this brown spotting, is this a sign of pregnancy or an effect of BCP? Any help would be appreciated.


helpme - April 3

I am experiencing the same thing. I had unprotected s_x this last month right when I was ovulating. I had some light bleeding this week that lasted for maybe a day and a half. My period wasnt due to come until yesterday. Now this morning I woke up to some brownish discharge. It isnt enought to really need to use a pad or anything. I took a blood test last week and it said negative, but I feel pregnant. i am getting the same kind of cravings that I had when I was pregnant with my other child. I am going back to the doc again to get another test done. I hope that I am pregnant. I really want to have another baby. Any help would be appreciated.


P - April 3

I am really confused as well!! I had brown spotting last month for about a week and i had to wear a pad (but it wasnt heavy) and this month it's starting the same thing! I had two pregnancy tests plus a urine sample from a doctor!! Anyone have any idea what it could be? thx


nel - April 4

I've been on the pill for two years now but I've read in a magazine about this girl who got her period twice while she was pregnant on the pill. Two periods ago, three days before hand i had a discharge in the mornings mostly that began brown and turned redder. It stopped for one day and i still got my period. Has many others had their peroids on the pill while being pregnant? i didn't miss a pill or anything but still worried after reading these.


Reena - April 4

Im having same prob as you guysa re having but the main problum with me is my cycles are not regular but i gto pregnant once last year but ad a miss carriage not i have been trying to get pregnant but still didnt get my periods fro three months and in the end of march i got some spotting which is still goign on some time more sometimes less , does anyone knownaythign ,? i did pregnancy test yesterdayand it was negative my doc check me int he mid of the mrch and she told me that i am ovulated on march 18 and me and my hubby had s_x in those days, So does this spottng mean that im pregnant,? my doc did the blodd test but didnt get the result yet...can anyone help me?


JenJen - April 4

Hi. This is my first time posting on any boards, but I really need some of your thoughts. March 18th 2004 I had a c-section for my first child. I started my period 2 months after my son was born. My periods were every 28 days as usual. I'm very in tune with my body and I could tell exactly when it would start. However, I was due to get my period on March 24, had the sore back and cramps as I would regularily have, but my period never came. April 3 and 4th I took 2 pregnancy tests (one in the evening, one with first pee of the day) and both came back negative. Since the day I was supposed to get my period up until now I've been cramping and have backaches and I'm tired. When I woke up this morning April 4th, went to the bathroom and I noticed brown/reddish blood. I'm not leaking alot either. Not normal for me. I don't have any STD's or infections. My husband and I have been using the "pulling out" method for the past year and I haven't gotten pregnant. I'm wondering if the pregnancy tests I took are reading a false negative and that maybe we are pregnant??? My uterus is sensitive if I push on it. Any thoughts from all of you would help. I feel like I've been left in the "maybe" pile, wondering what fate brings me next. Thanks for listening.


bebe - April 4

I've got a question.. I went to a clinc today to find out why i'm having pinkish/brown spotting and he tells me it's a yeast infection??? Could be an early miscarriage instead?? I'm not even due for my next period for another 2 weeks. HELP?


Confused - April 5

If you get brown spotting and missed pills and also have pregancy signs, Can I be pregant?



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