Brown Spotting For 7 Day And Neg Hpts WHY

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phillymom - May 15

I am a day or 2 late in my cycle. Started spotting 8 dpo, today is 14 dpo for me. Daily light brown spotting only when I wipe sorry for details. Did multiple hpts and all came out neg. Anyone in the same situation or ever was? What happened? Am I preg? I think I will call the doctor tomorrow.


Saird - May 15

Oh man I wish someone would answer you. I have this too- I"ve had pinkish spotting for like a week now, only when wiping, and have had two neg tests. I just don't know what else it could be. I'm going to the doc tomorrow. I'll let you know what comes of it.


Tink75 - May 16

Wow, I'm in the same boat. I had my last period on April 6th, had 1 day of spotting on the 18th which I think was from ovulation but then on the 24th I started spotting again and it lasted a week but with all that spotting I prolly couldn't have filled 1 was extremely light. Now today, May 16, I am on CD41. I'm over a week late with negative hpts although I took 1 on Saturday and at first it was - but then I looked later and it was + BUT since it was past the 10 minutes I'm taking it as a negative. I have no clue what's going on with me. Hope we get some answers soon. Good Luck!


Saird - May 16

Girls I counted today and I am on CD54! This is ridiculous! Usually my cycles are around 40 days right now..but come on. I'm leaving for the doc now. I will post later if anything is interesting. Sounds like all three of us are in the same boat though. Good luck to you girls.


Saird - May 16

Just got back from the doc's. Results of bloodwork will be in in the morning. I will let you know.


marcialynn - May 16

Ahhh this is crazy. Same thing is happening to me. My last period was on April 3...and my cycle is like clock work...28 days. so I am over 2 weeks late. I have taken 3 tests...all negative. I went to doc and he did urine test...NEGATIVE. I have the brown spotting on a off...nothing regular. Anyone heard anything yet?


Saird - May 16

Hi marcialynn- my doc said a skipped period could be result of thryoid problems, stress, anemia or pregnancy. He also said it could just be a hormonal imbalance and that women's menstrual cycles will change from time to time and it's nothing to worry about. Also some urine tests will say neg, but a blood test can tell right away. Maybe get a blood test done so you can know. I will know in the morning.


marcialynn - May 17

Hi Saird, I realize that it could be a result of all those things, but I have lots symtpoms...and I have NEVER missed a period (not in 12 years)...also my husband and I have been trying since March 25. It is likely that I am pregnant but the it's the waiting that I find so hard!! :) So did you get your news? I am scheduled for a second dr's appt on May 29th...I am going to do a hpt the day before...I hate needles so I try my way first! :) So did you get your news? are you gonna be a momma! I am so anxious to know...about you and I! :)


Saird - May 17

It's negative ladies. Probably not what you wanted to hear since some of you sound about the same as me. Mine must be hormonal or something. My bloodwork was fine and i'm healthy- I'm just not getting AF. Good luck to the rest of you!



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