Calling All Equate Users Good Or Bad

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Crissi - October 8

OK, I had a 2 pack of Equate turn bright positive about 8 days ago. This was WAY TOO early to get a BFN since I was about 12 days before AF due. Now I am thinking these might have somehow picked up LH surge with ovulation. Over the last 8 days I have taken over a dozen tests. I was getting BFN until last day or two. ONLY Equate is showing a very faint plus sign. First Response looks negative even in the same urine sample. In between I have had negative Equates so I know they don' all turn false positive. Again this am, very faint positive Equate and negative Frist Response. Looking for thoughts and opinions here on the Equate. Reliable for most? This is the newer one (25 mcg) and now I have had a two pack turn faint positive in the prescribed time period all around the same time as FR and Answer were negative. I would be appx 8 dpo and about 3-4 til AF is due as of today.


Julie - October 8

You already know my thoughts...they are great!


Crissi - October 9

Julie, as of this AM I totally agree with you. I took two Clearblue last night, both said "not pregnant" but there was 2 blue lines. One was darker than the other. I KNOW what they say about the Clearblue digitals BUT I am due for AF next 2-3 days and NO WAY getting LH surge now. Another faint but definitly positive Equate with FMU. This one came up quickly, is "all there" and is a full plus. Of course DH is probably gonna make me buy more but I have NO DOUBT what I saw this morning!!! :)


Julie - October 9

That's AWESOME! I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly.


Crissi - October 10

Julie (and others) just FYI... I had bloodwork today. I AM PREGNANT!!! :) Another ancedote for ya... my beta Hcg is only 17 and I had a faint but definitly there positive on the Equate yesterday so it is VERY sensitive!! :)


Julie - October 11

Congrats, Crissi. I know...those tests are the best, in my opinion. Sticky dust to you!



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