Can A Test Cnange From Neg To Pos After 10 Mins

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tj - August 3

I just took a clearblue test and it said neg, but i had to go out and when i got back a hour later im sure i could see a faint positive, it says on the packet to disregard the test after 10 mins so is it not valid. im too scared to buy another test as if its negative again i will be soo disappointed has anyone else had this happen to them?


sweetie - June 24

Let me tell you about what happen to my Mom,(this story is true, I would never lie about my Mother). As you know my mom is past the age were it is safe to have children, but not close enough to menapause. She just got remarried. Well my mom missed her cycle for several months and she thought that she was too old to be pregnant, besides she had me over 20 years ago and never fell pregnant since then. She was very old fashioned and just did not want to accept that she could be pregnant, it was a dream come true. She was going on a boat trip with my step dad to just get some vacation time, well I begged her to take a home pregnancy test before she left. While I was at college she took the test and from what she says it was a negative so she left me a note and they were off to the trip. Well I did not believe the results so I (with a cleaning glove) took the box out of the trash to read the instructions, and out fell the test with two lines, one was faint. I called my mom from dads cell phone and told her that it was possitive, she tought I was joking. Well she knew that I wanted a brother or sister so bad, that when they came home 3 days later, I was able to convince her to go to the doctors. To make a long story short. I now have a healthy 2 year old sister. They say not to look at the test after 10 minutes, but I say you should either go test at the clinic, or take another home pregnancy test. Early morning urine would have the best results.


susan - August 3

my friend last may took a preg. test and it say no and like y ou she went to bed woke up the next morning and it was positive, she made an appointment with the doctor, and sure enough she was pregnant.



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