Can Bleeding Cause Negative HPT

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SaraA - March 18

I think I'm going crazy! I'm 40 and have always had 24day cycles lasting 5days and only heavy on the second day, I had a normal period on the 18th Jan and s_x on the 1st and 3rd of Feb, a few days before my next period was due I started 'feeling' pregnant, I took a hpt and it was negative, then my period started on the 11th Feb (the day it was due) so i figured it was all in my mind! except I still had pregnancy symptoms after AF ended!! my br___ts became extremly tender and I lost my appet_te, I was peeing more and very very tired... well I did another test (or 5) and all BFN's, my br___ts stopped hurting but have grown a cup size and feel fuller and harder, I thought I'd wait and see what happened... my next period was 8days late, I didn't experience the usual pms - I always crave chocolate and get emotional 3 days before AF - but my pregnancy symptoms continued, lower back ache, funny taste in my mouth, off foods I usually like and nausea late at night, feeling light headed, my AF was 'different' not as heavy and seemed to last longer, the last 4 days only very light, it's now been 2 days since I stopped bleeding and still feel as if somethings not right... my jeans are tight and it's uncomfortable to sit if I don't unbutton them, almost as if I can feel my uterus enlarged,last night I even felt it tightening and had to stretch out, my br___ts are bigger than ever and my back aches terrible, my nose is constantly blocked, also if I sneeze or cough I get pains in my lower abdomen on either side, if I was pregnant I would be about 8.5 weeks, but I took another hpt today and it was Negative again!!! Common sense tells me I can't be, but my body is telling me different - I've had 4 children already, and it feels just the same, but I've always had a BFP within days of missing a period - What's going on???? reading all these posts is making me wonder, can it be 'breakthrough bleeding' and can that really cause hpt to show negative results? I don't mind if I'm pregnant or not, I'm happy either way, I just want to know for sure! am I crazy?


SaraA - April 1

update: two weeks on and still experiencing symptoms, it's as if i can feel a tightning in my lower abdomen and it's uncomfortable to sit without unb___toning my jeans, my lower back and hips ache and sometimes the aching seems to go down my left thigh... i'm still testing negative and my doctor thinks it's all in my mind, but i know my body and something's not right!! i've lost my appet_te but gained a few extra pounds, the bloated feeling comes and goes, i've also started bleeding again, no cramps no pms and not heavy, but it's only been 17 days since my last AF (which was 8 days late) - I'm due for an ultrasound Friday morning, so fingers crossed they will be able to find out what's going on. I'd love to hear if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.


kimberly - April 2

Your not crazy! If you read half of these post they are all "am I pregnant" post, thats because us women will drive ourselves crazy when we just don't know. I am sorry to say but there is no way to know for sure without a positive test. The ultrasound will tell you one way or the other. Has your Dr. not maybe been concerned about a ecotopic pregnancy? You can test negative with a ecotopic. Also cyst on your ovaries can cause pregnancy like symptoms too. I think sometimes we just convince ourselves we are pregnant and therefore we let every little twinge go to our heads, good luck!


kimberly - April 2

Oh, and no bleeding will not cause a hpt to be negative. They test for hcg hormone and blood being present won't make the hcg not show up it is in the urine not the blood.


SaraA - April 2

Thank you for your response, and you're right, I feel sometimes as if I'm trying to convince myself that I'm pregnant! but then again... the symptoms are too strong to all be in my mind. I am thinking it could be cysts, that would be the most rational explination and I'm hoping that the ultrasound will be able to detect any if that's the case, I want more than anything to know what's wrong so that I can work and function normally again, right now I'm avoiding doing anything too strenuous (just incase!!)and if there's nothing wrong then I'll feel foolish. Ectopic is also a concern, as the aching all seems to be on the left side, when I press just above my pelvis it feels firmer more on the left too... all in my mind??? The reason I asked about the bleeding causing negative HPT was I'd read on another post that it can cause low hcg levels and not show up on a test, I was wondering if this was indeed true? once again. thank you for replying, it's nice to know I'm not alone, I'll post tomorrow after I've had my scan.


jecoct - June 14

I have had very similar symptoms/issues. What did you find out?



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