Can Blood Tests Be Wrong

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melody - September 6

I am 10 days late and I am having some cramping then it goes away. I have had 2 urine test and 1 blood test all showed negative. I have been a week late before but never more that that. My husband and I have been trying for about 10 months now. I had a baby 3 years ago and I have all the same syptoms as before it is so frustrating. My doctor is wanting to put me on provera, but I don't want to just incase the blood test was wrong. I will update later I am going on Friday to take another test.


Danielle - September 14

I would love for anybody to say what has came of their negative bllod test! I have been driving me self nuts for weeks about this issue! I have all the symtoms of pregnancy that i've had wiht me others except the positive test and I am bleeding still. I have had many ladies tell me the have bleed for hte first 4-6 months and as well two telling mew througth the whole pregnecy. When my blood test came back negative my gut told me no way! But, I can''t decide what to do I have no insurance so really don't want to take another blood test. AHH please HELP!


cylinda - September 17



tka - September 20

So has anyone found out they were pregnant with a negative HcG test? I am totally convinced I am pregnant with #3 but had a HcG done this morning and the level was 0. I did have a negative blood test which my second child but it was not an HcG so that is why I went this morning to have this one. I have been extremely nauseous since ovulating and even have other symptoms such as bloating and fatigue. I see the doctor on Thurs. to rule out other problems and tell myself I am not making these symptoms up because I want to be pregnant.


Martine - September 23

my hormone levels have gone from 847.then 2 days later they were 1200,2 days after that they are i having twins as they think im only 6wks pregnant


Shannon - September 27

Hi, I am 24, married and recently came off the pill in July. I had reglular cycles until this month. Now I am 18 days late. When I was 11 days late I had a qualitative blood test and it was negative, but I'm still not getting my period. I haven't even had any spotting. I have had sore b___bs, break-outs, headaches and extreme fatigue since a week before my period was due and it's not getting any better. They did not run the quanitative test, I'm wondering could that be the problem?? Has anyone else been pregnant and had a negative blood test?


Ca__s - September 30

I went to the Dr. 20 days ago with a 5 day missed period and a neg home test. Took a urine & blood test there- both neg. He gave me Progesterone to "bring down" my period. Didn't happen. Two days ago went back for follow up appointment, and still neg. urine test. Then, got a call yesterday at work the blood test came back positive! I am pregnant! Who knows how long though. Was I preg. before & got a neg, or did I get preg. after that test??? I get an ultrasound in 2 weeks and I'll post how far along I am... stay tuned!


tyra - September 30

Im also in the same boat... my last period was on the 16th of August and its now Sept 30th. My periods are normally regular and Its now 2 weeks late. I've done 2 home pregnancy tests as well as a blood test and they have all been negative, my last blood test was taken on the 24th. I've been bloated for the past 3 weeks (before & after it was due) and having period-like pains and other symptoms a__suming that it was just my period coming. I dont know if the tests are wrong because i just dont feel like myself always tired,hungry but cant eat much because i always feel like im full and i usally have a good appet_te. if anyone has any answers for me could you please let me know.. because i have never been pregnant so i have no idea if these are some symptoms or its just my mind running... thank you.


Natalie - October 2

I would like any advice anyone can give me. I was due for my periods on the 28th August. Since then i have only had a slight show of bleeding which occured last week on the 26th September. I had 2 negative hpt and 2 negative blood tests, yet still no sign of a period. I have been feeling nauesa in the morning and going to toilet more often. Can someone please give me some advice.


Shannon - October 9

I myself am 3 weeks late, should have started around Sep 23rd. In the past four days I have taken two home pg tests with neg results. Like most everyone here I was bloated the week before and since then, I have felt nausiated, urinating more frequently, sick, not puking, but a lot of the same signs I had with my first child three years ago. I am going to go to the doctor next week and request a quant_tative blood test to see, I will let everyone know what I find out. The only thing different between this time and last time is that we have just recently relocated to a new place and are waiting to move into our house. We are military and have relocated several times already, so I didn't think that stress would be a factor. I have only had a late period of more than 2 days twice in my life, both times I was pregnant. I was so excited for this until I took the tests and they were negative. Hopefully I can give some of you and myself some uplifting news next week. Also, it took my husband and I almost 6 years to get pregnant with our son, and we are going on a year with this time around, so it would truly be a wonderful blessing. I will keep all of you in my prayers.


Melissa - January 13

I am now 6 days late. I am having some pregnancy symptoms like sore and swollen b___sts, I am tired all of the time, frequent urination, heachaches, and I just feel pregnant. I have taken 2 home pregnacy tests and the both had negative results. Could I possibly be pregnant even though the results are negative or could something else be wrong? How long should I wait to see my Gyno?


Heather - January 29

im 22 days late took2 urine test both said no and tooka bloode test waiting for results showing all symptoms and so confused? am i or arnt i?! these things ahould come with a giant red bright sign


VICTORIA - February 11

The first day of my last period was December 31st, I am now 12 days late according to the way I ovulate. I did stop the pill after I got married in August of 2004. I took a urine and blood test and both came out negative. My mother-in-law is still convinced that I am pregnant and she is a nurse. I have never been this late before, EVER, and I got my hopes up of being pregnant, so when my doctor said I was not I was upset. Well that was 1 week ago and I am still not pregnant, and I am confused. My mother-in-law told me to buy another urine test, but I dont want to be let down again. I have cramping that started about 2 weeks ago and I am quizzy all the time. I am trying to tell my self that I am not so I dont think about it as much, but it is hard to think that when my body is not right. The way I am looking at it is, I am either really pregnant or really not. I will find out soon enough. Talk to you soon!


jan - February 12






Carol - March 21

I have had 4 live births. 3 m/c's. I always know before my Dr. Usually withing the 1st week of conception. My blood test came back neg. I have milk leaking (haven't brestfed in almost 2 years) and had a wee bit of spotting which I think was implantation bleeding. Dr. says maybe the blood test was taken to early. So you see? Even us veterans can be left guessing. I'll keep you all posted.



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