Can Blood Tests Be Wrong

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Anna - September 10

Help! I don't know what to think! I'll try not to make this too long. Stopped BC beginning of af until middle July and was Provera induced....++ OPK end of July....mild cramping and feeling of starting af eight days after ++ OPK (family history of this in PG) af, so I got a blood test about 9-10 days after start of cramping....bfn on test....tender nipples about three weeks or so after start of cramping (NEVER EVER had sore or tender b___sts or nipples in my life!) have constant persitant mild nausea for last 4-5 days, more so with certain foods. Can't even think of certain foods without feeling sick....still no af as of yet-was due to start around the 13th of August according to + OPK....still getting cramping several times a day. I'm confused! Is there a chance the blood test could have been a false negative? I thought they were supposed to be 100% accurate?! Does anyone know any statistics for false negative blood tests? Is it a common thing? Help somebody!!


Anna - September 11

Well, I found that doctors and tests can be wrong! I decided to take an HPT this morning and was shocked to have it turn VERY +++ within seconds! Two different tests taken later today, also, came up VERY +++ within seconds. I'm still getting nausea, but it's bearable. I'll have to get an hCG level this week, but I'm sure that I'm 5 weeks along. So ladies, if your body is telling you one thing that sure about and your dr. is telling you another your instincts! My dr. insisted I wasn't PG and was about to start me on Provera and Clomid. He, also, didn't even want to pay attention to the fact that I hadn't started my af and was having PG s/s, too. How scary! Trust what your body is telling you!


SF - September 26

I'm liviing proof that a blood test can be wrong. I was trying to get pregnant and a few days after my period was due, I peed on the HPT stick and it came out positive. Thinking that there might be something wrong with the test and not wanting to get my hopes up prematurely, I proceeded to pee on about 5 other sticks...all of which came out positive. So I called my OB/GYN and her a__sistant scheduled a blood HCG test which I went and had. The a__sistant called back later to say that "unfortunately" the blood test was negative and that I wasn't pregnant. I informed her about peeing on multiple sticks and telling her that they had all come out positive and that I had followed the directions exactly (while waiting for the blood results I peed on a few more, also positive). There was a big pause on her end of the line - I'm sure she thought that I was looney and wanted to be pregnant so badly that I was deluding myself. So she said "well, hold on, I'll speak to the Doctor and discuss the matter". She comes back on the line a few minutes later and said "the doctor will make arrangements for another blood test". Obviously they had decided to humour poor old delusional me. Well, you guessed it...the second test came back positive. And I have a wonderful 2 year old now. On a related note, in a pregnancy prior to that one...I had what seemed like a normal period and then a week later, after a friend told me "I heard that sometimes you can get your period and still be pregnant" I went ahead and peed on the stick. To my surprise I was pregnant that time too. I had heard about implantation bleeding but what I experienced was totally like my usual period....clots and all.


Rebecca - September 27

I feel much better after reading whay you have all written. I am four weeks late, taken 2 digital hpt's and one came back positive. Then I took two more regular tests, and they were negative. I saw my doctor yesterday and another urine test showed negative(I hate that they never show you the test). They did a blood test and that too came back negative. I never knew there were two different blood tests. My mother also told me that when she was pregnant the time before me she had over 3 blood tests that all came back negative. I wonder if stuff like that runs in the family? Anyway, she is convinced that I am pregnant, and told me to wait another couple weeks. She is a nurse, so I will listen to her. I just hope I can stay sane that long!!!



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