Can Blood Tests Be WRONG

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KB - December 7

I am 16 days late and have been off the pill for seven months now, with a VERY regular 41 day cycle since coming off the pill. I keep testing negative on HPT and just had a blood test also negative..... I feel many pregnancy symptoms- but mostly feel confused. If you or someone you know were pregnant but initially test negative with a blood test please SHARE! Thank you much!


Karen - December 8

My last period was August 14, 2004. and here it is December 8. I have never gone over 45 days without having my period. So this would make me almost 12 weeks late for my period. I have had negative home pregnancy tests, and a negative blood test on November 30. Still no period. Last night at work someone asked me if I was pregnant. It seems like my belly is expanding a bit. I have to pee quite a lot. I have had a lot of discharge lately. I have been really ga__sy. One day I missed work last week with nausea and diarrhea which I was told was a stomach virus. I am really confused and want answers. I go for an Ultrasound this Thursday, December 9. Hopefully then I can find out whether or not I'm pregnant. Has anyone else ever gone through this? Please e-mail me at [email protected] I will not be able to read replies on this site. Thank you.


sariah - December 9

karen i'm just so glad i found you! I have the same situation as you are. Please tell me how your ultrasound went. My last period was Sept 15 and until now, no period yet.


bump - December 14



crystal - January 3

I'd like to know how everyone else dealt with this. I have taken 6 preg test and all negative. Had a blood and it was negative... but i have a few pregnancy symptoms, sore b___st.. pee alot and fatigue. and now two weeks late. my period is clock work every month.. so i'm wondering.....


Amanda - July 8

I also got a neg result on all tests, blood test too. I have many symptoms and even after I got the neg results and convinced myself I wasn't pregnant,they were still there and worse. I know this can't all be in my head. I'm almost three months late! I can smell ice cream! There's something not right about are not alone ladies. If you want to chat further just email me at [email protected] and share your story.


jennifer - September 24

I'm going through the same thing right this moment! I have been to my doc and the local hospital, and getting the same thing. when you find the answer tell me. Ha Ha! good luck to you.


to all - September 24

If you are still having neg blood tests, and pregnancy symptoms, ask your doc about hormone tests like progesterone, estrogen (estradiol and estrone), FSH/LH, prolactin, etc. This will probably take a couple of months because they have to establish your cycles. I'm sure that if you aren't really pregnant, this should shed some light on your symptoms.


Krystle - October 4

I had a blood test come back negative also. I have all the symptoms except nausea and I have gained weight and I am also confused. You are not alone


Samantha - October 26

I am 8wks late for my period. I have had 3 positive pregnancy tests. My doctor did a blood test on me due to the fact that the office test that was performed should have been darker for as far along I should be. The blood test came back negative. I still have no period and I am very fatigued, and have nausea and pee alot. My question is how can you have 3 postive tests and not be pregnant? It is rare to get a false positive anyways, so what is going on with me...someone please help me.


madhuri - October 27

hi Karen so sad to hear about ur story but i am afraid i am in the same boat too i dont know if by now u got help or not on what u were reffering to? but i feel as if i am preg did 3 urin test all 3 negative took 1 blood test negativwe but i feel pregnant can u help me?


Nita - October 27

I'm a bit curious on this one too? I just did invitro and on 10/28 it will be 14 days after implantation. I took a blood test on 10/21 and it read 40 i took a blood test on 10/26 and I was told is was only 50 so i should expect a period because it means i am no longer pregnant. however i have not seen any bleeding, just cramps only. many pregnancy symptoms. so i dont know what to think. could the blood test be incorrect sometimes?


kirsty - October 28

theres clear liquid comin out of my v____a an the other day i got out of my pool an went to the toilet an there was a peice of blood clot string an now theres nothin i took a home pregnancy test zaan it came up negative can someone help me wit my problem as well im only 17


Hailey - October 31

I'm sorry I don't have an answer, but I am 19 days late for my period. 2 very faint lines on home pregnancy test, but negative blood test results. What could be the problem? I feel pregnant, and I am NEVER late for my period. What is ging on?


sana - November 1

I think I'm two months I have all the symptoms except for a missed preiod but my sister had her first two period with all four of her kids, I had one pos and four neg, and a neg blood test but I feel I am, PLEASE HELP ME 16!!!!!!


kirsty - November 1

sana i really wouldnt trust those test my mum went to the doctor about 3 years ago an she had her peroids right through my little brother an she told thje doctor tjhat she was sick every morning an he told her that theres noithin wrong so she went to the hospital an thy done a blood test an it came out negative an every pregnancy test she had it came out negative so she idint worry about it an then 4 weeks later she had really bad pains an she went to the hospital an they told her she was in labour witch no one told her she was 9 montes pregnant so if u have poroblems just ask me ok


Sana - November 1

Kristy your a life saver that makes me feel so much better the nurse thinks I am but she says that I need to get a pap smear done to know for sure and she didn't even want to put me on birth control. Thank you



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