Can I Be Pregnant If So Then Why Negative Results

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jmfl19 - September 27

I should be between five and six weeks pregnant. I have had all the signs ranging from: sore br___t, veins appearing in my br___t, nipples have gotten larger and changed colors, br___t have gotten fuller, I get indigestion after about every meal, get sick at my stomach but never throw up, crave foods, have gained five pounds, stomach has gotten hard, gotten dizzy, stay tired all the time, have to go pee about once to twice about every hour. All these symptoms I have experienced at least a handful of times over the last three weeks. However, I have taken numerous pregnancy test and they all come up negative. I am just wondering if I am pregnant or not. Has anyone else have the same problem? Could I still be pregnant? I have quit drinking alcohol and caffeine and have been taking prenatal. I feel pregnant! What do you think am I? If I am then way do all the test still say negative? I am taking them in the morning like. Go for blood test tomorrow. Haven't had a period since July. Never thought I was prego until I started getting sick and having all the symtoms.


Betty S - October 1

Yeah I am currently in the same possition. I was expecting my period 2 1/2 weeks ago and a no show considering I am very regular. I feel generally sick, weeing frequently, constipation for about 3 weeks, dizzyness and almost pa__sing out. Cramps in my belly and a heavy clear white discharge. I'm really tierd however I find I wake up in the middle of the night often and wide awake and uncomfortable. My last period was 6 1/2 weeks ago. I took a home pregnancy test a 1 1/2 ago and it was negative. I feel as though I would be pregnant, but I/m not sure??? Does anyone feel these symptoms and does anyone wake up like this in the middle of the night???


jen23 - October 8

hi, it is now 6 weeks since my last period and still gettin negative tests. gp put me on folic acid and said to retest in 2 weeks. i have all symptoms: white discharge, sore, heavy b___bs cramping in stomach mood swings, tiredness, frequently weeing, heartburn, cant stop eating so i know how your feeling. alredy have two children and never had this problem before.



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