Can I Take A Pregnancy Test While Im On My Period

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believeinlove - May 8

No, you're wrong.I know people who had a period while they were pregnant. That isnt true when people say you can't have your period. You can have a period during pregnancy.


Sunninight5 - December 1

Hi! So a couple of days ago (Saturday ) I took two pregnancy tests and they both came up positive. I didn't want to be so sure until I went to a doctor even though those two positives had me absolutly sure that I was. So today (Tuesday) I came on my cycle. My cramps and everything n the past have been pretty normal I guess , but today it has been unlike any feeling I've ever had but the flow is still heavy and normal.. I'm just so confused as to why both tests would come up positive and then days later my cycle comes on as if everything was normal... Please help! Any suggestions as to why??


Angievill - September 26

Hii my name is Angie me and my boyfriend had sex on September 22 and on the 23 no protection I got my period the next day I been feeling tired my body hurts my heads hurting is it possible to get pregnant 2 days before your period and still have a period? 


lashana - October 4

Hey.. Need help.. Abt 2days i had squeeze my breast... I saw a white milky subtance like milk..... After doing


ang77 - June 1

Hi Ladies, 

My names Angelina and I'm 16 yr/old. I'm really worried I could be pregnant and I'm needing such relief, on the 25th May I started spotting brown all the way to the 1st Of June, that when some blood started getting involved. Now it's the 2nd of June and i am bleeding, enough to soak a tissue paper. All my symptoms started to begin on the 25th April all the way to now and these include, sore boobs and swollen nipples on and off, threw up once in the middle of the night and have been nauseas on and off, aching in lower back, cramps in the lower stomach and bloating, tired all the time. I have recentl taken a digital pregnancy test but it came back negitive...I was taking the contraception pill but recentl stopped because im not sure what to do??? HELP PLEASE


alawrence470 - May 3

I took a pregnancy test while on my period and it came back positive. I went 2 check it the next day and on the test the line had disappeared. U could still see where the line had been. I'm clueless on wat that might mean. 


Moona - July 7

Hi there, I have read your post. I think your test will be positive. I am wondering about the people who said that you can't take your test. I think you are very surely can take and manage it at this time. I will suggest you go for it. And never think negative as well. I know about your confusion. But it will clear when you go for it. Best wishes to you.


Moona - July 7

Yes, you can take these test. It is not an issue at all. Many ladies take their test during that. I am very hopeful for you. You need not worry at all. Hope all will be fine for you. You just go and take your test soon. I will pray for you. Good luck.



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