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summer - March 9

good morning ladies. my hubby & i are ttc. i'm due for af tomorrow & for the past few days i've been experiencing slight cramps, headache, dizziness, backache, sensitive nips & the other day i had some light brown discharge which i thought could be implantation bleeding. all in all, i've been convinced the past few days that i could be pg. i took an early hpt yesterday which was a bfn...(i know it's probably too early to tell) but now i'm not so convinced anymore. i'm thinking i may have been psyching my own body into feeling the symptoms... ANYWAY, last night i overturned my ankle and i'm in SERIOUS pain. i have some vicodin left over from getting my wisdom teeth taken out several months ago. i was wondering if it would be okay to take one of them even if it turned out i actually am preggo.... it hurts like crazy and the advil just isn't doing it. any advice???


summer - March 9

any advice?? it really hurts.


Lala - March 9

I wouldn't! The only thing safe to take without checking with the doc is plain Tylenol--not Advil. best to you!


Constance - March 10

I had to take Vicodin my entire pregnancy with my daughter, almost every single day. I have SEVERE neck pain due to a roll-over car accident and had been on it for a while when we surpringly got pregnant. A genetic counselor sat my fiancee and I down, told us the risk of taking Vicodin during different stages of the pregnancy. I'm NOT a doctor, but I had 4 different doctors okay my medication and my daughter is healthy as can be. The number 1 symptom would be withdraw to the baby when it's born. But, if you're taking it for a few days or for example, dental work (dentists prescribe tylenol 3's and/or Vicodin), the baby will be just fine! Just don't take too many, b/c too much tylenol in your system if bad for your liver, just imagine what it'd do to the baby's. I wouldn't stress myself out about taking a few pain pills for ankle pain when I haven't even got a + just yet. If you are, tell your OB at your first appointment, I can tell you he/she will say that's just fine. Best of luck to you and your hubby!



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