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anonymous - June 27

just wondering how effective the pull out method is because thats what we've been doing lately. im not trying to get pregnant, but im not NOT trying too. thanks for the opinions!!


Equuss - June 27

My experience-- Of course you can get pregnant w/ the pull out method! Before my husband & I were married, we weren't to keen on using condoms so we would use the "pull out method" & we ended having a little "suprize" but didn't know we were pg until we lost the baby. So it goes to show you that, yes, indeed, you can get pg that way!


anonymous - June 28

thanks for responding....ive heard you can and ive heard you cant so i was confused


T - June 28

My husband and I have been using the pull out method for over a year now and no "surprises" yet.. weird huh


b__tons - July 6

my boyfriend and i have just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and we've been using this method for about 75-80% of that time and no surprises for us either. Like you, Anonymous, we are neither trying or not trying :) good luck poppet! xxxxxxx


Some where out there - October 19

Pre ejaculate doesn't cause pregnancy, but this doesn't neccesarily mean that a man practicing coitus withdrawl with a woman will pull out in time. Also re-entry after a previos ejaculation without urination in-between poses a higher risk for pregnacy as the sperm is washed out by the pre-ejaculatory fluid durring arousal and can make you pregnant if it is washed out inside of you durring intercourse. There are two small studies done on this that showed the sperm rates found in pre-ejaculate were too low to cause a pregnacy. Yet I have to add my own insight here that the younger a girl is the less developed her cervical mucous is meaning less sperm are stopped there than in an older woman. (teenagers beware of this method but don't freak out your still extremely low risk but use a condom in the future.) Meaning less sperm to cause pregancy. To a__ses your risk of becoming pregnant you have to A:Figure out if you were ovulating around the time you had s_x within 3 days pending or 1 day after ovulation is your fertile fertile time. B: Did your partner ejacualte multiple times then re-enter also if it was only one time did he masturbate that morning and not pee in-between then & when you had s_x. C: Can you trust him to pull out in time? It's been showned (not in any reported research that i know of but makes sense) that younger men have a harder time controlling there orgasm stemming from just plain in-experience. I would not use this as a stand alone form of birth control but coupled with fertility monitoring could definitly be as effective as no more than 5% risk. Durring the fertile time either practice abstinence or just plain use a rubber. Understand that coitus withdrawl has been around since the days of the bible and probably longer than that but there is surprisingly little actual research into this method, so there for it should only be used in conjunction with another form of birth control. For those who are scarred they are pregnant now from this, your chance's are low around 8 - 20%. Good luck Check out these sites


lill - October 21

What rubbish. Of course you can get pg with the withdrawal method as sperm is released in the pre ejaculate. Why do you think that it is not advised as a contraceptive method. I certainly concieved that way.



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